Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


wow been so long since i have been here. there seems to be quite a few new people, welcome all!


So I’ve decided to look around for any groups that play ae/2012 in MN n came across this thread. Just visiting for a while. Is that game n go spot nice for ae? Do I need to bring my own stick? Is there some fee? How does this place work?


Well, I don’t play AE so I can’t answer on if it’s “good”. You bring your own stick (we play on PS3), and there’s no fee. All you do is come in and play.


So, that’s a no to people playing Persona.


There are a hand full of Persona players here, but I don’t believe they regularly post in this thread. Many of MN’s more active players post in this Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GNGTournaments/

As with Kliquey above, a warm welcome to the new players.


So, anybody else here planning to jump on the JoJo love train?



I am


I do. Kinda… meh skillwise but always down for some games. Also have a few other friends that play, most of whom don’t post anywhere. I’d consider hauling a setup to casuals if there were enough people who could play on 360 :x

xAtomsKx on XBL if you ever wanna netplay.


Comicade IVMore games, cheaper prices, tastier salt.

When: Saturday, January 12, 2013.
Where: Twin City Comics, Columbia Heights, MN.
Discounts on store product changes monthly!
Parking behind the venue or across the street in the open lot.
Food and drink available at the venue or within walking distance.
Hosted by Rocksteady

Sponsored by:
Games N Go (gamesngoonline.com)
Twin City Comics (twincitycomics.com)

$5 venue fee // $5 per game entry fee // spectators=free
Registration begins at 1 PM. Individual game registration ends 30 minutes prior to its listed start time.
Registration is cash only (change will be available).

Tournament brackets will be randomly generated and managed by Shogun.
Prior Comicade winner’s in each game (where applicable) will be seeded to opposite sides of the bracket.
These are double-elimination tournaments (you will play at least twice)

Bring your own controller

Games & Schedule
Unless noted all games will be run on PS3s with Asus 236H “EVO” monitors. Game rules in comment below.

12:00 - 2:00 PM
Casuals and registration

2:00 PM
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter x Tekken

3:30 PM
Soul Calibur V
Persona 4 Arena
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition
Mortal Kombat (9)

4:30 PM
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PSN version)
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v.2012

5:30 PM
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Additional tournaments can be run, if time and space allows, by request at the venue.
These side tournaments will not take place before 4:30 PM to ensure listed tournaments have proper space & equipment.

Payouts (based on game entry):
6 or less (round robin) pays grand champion
12 or more pays top 3 (60/30/10)
32 or more pays top 5 (50/20/10/5/5)


Looking forward to playing again in the cities next week. Should be fun



Your friends in Indiana are hosting a Street Fighter, Marvel, and Smash tourney in just under a month. Please take a look and consider! :slight_smile:


i AM HOSTING umvc3


I live in hopkins mn any body interested call me at 763 300 9382 we are playing Umvc3


Just saw a guy with a Punch Perm, you know I’ll be there,


Anyone live in Minneapolis that I could possibly hitch a ride with to comicade this Saturday? If so, Please let me know as soon as possible


Hey cant wait this should be gnar


Here are the results for Comicade IV:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
1 George Thao (Geo)
2 Marlone Cook (Grim)
3 William Flores (Creep)
4 Izzy Lee (!zzy)
5 Robby (xx_von_xx)
5 Payton Meeks (Big Hatch)
7 Punnha Nom (PheNOM)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HDR (round robin)
1 Wes Truelson

King of Fighters 13
1 Jacob Groebner (Grublet)
2 Josh Groebner (JoshKoF)
3 Manuel Garcia
4 Edson Garcia (SMG Jr.)
5 Punnha Nom (PheNOM)
5 Jason Ermer (Macrobeast)
7 Robby (xx_von_xx)

Street Fighter X Tekken
1 Izzy Lee (!zzy)
2 Christian Khang (Khangaroo)
3 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
4 Robby (xx_von_xx)
5 Punnha Nom (PheNOM)
5 Wes Truelson
7 Santiago Ponce

Soul Calibur 5
1 Alex Olson
2 Luke Anderson
3 Johnny Liv
4 Payton Meeks (Big Hatch)
5 Andrew Meeks (Magic Tomato)
5 Steve Jurek (The Last Hairbender)
7 Robby (xx_von_xx)

Persona 4 Arena
1 Jacob Groebner (Grublet)
2 Izzy Lee (!zzy)
3 Kyle Downey (Omex)
4 Brandon H
5 Zach Thomas (Meegee)
5 John Lorenzsonn (Silent Z)
7 Tony Kennedy
7 Travis Kroeten

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
1 Josh Groebner (JoshKoF)
2 Jack Van der Linden (Singe)
3 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
4 Robby (xx_von_xx)
5 Manuel Garcia
5 Rob Elizondo (Casanova)
7 Martin Garcia (SomeMexicanGuy)
7 Richard William Flores (William)
9 Eric Schwamberger (Schwamy)
9 Ethan Gergen (Beavith)
9 Derrick (DirtyWerk)
9 Edson Garcia (SMG Jr.)
13 Santiago Ponce
13 Pao Thao (PZ)
13 Punnha Nom (PheNOM)

Mortal Kombat 9
1 Adam Palkowitsch
2 Jon Dege (Johnny 2D)
3 Robby (xx_von_xx)
4 Rick Thiher (Rocksteady)
5 Nick Dieterich (Cobra)
5 Joe Palkowitsch (Rotanadan)
7 Andrew Van (Ron)
7 Tony Kennedy

Marvel vs Capcom 2
1 Izzy Lee (!zzy)
2 Ethan Gergen (Beavith)
3 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
4 Eric Schwamberger (Schwamy)
5 Punnha Nom (PheNOM)
5 Pao Thao (PZ)
7 Robby (xx_von_xx)
7 Derrick (DirtyWerk)

Super Street Fighter 4: AE
1 Izzy Lee (!zzy)
2 Christian Khang (Khangaroo)
3 James Dinndorf (iLIKEpizza)
4 Bryan Timm (Master Splinter)
5 Steve McMoore (boeken77)
5 Luke Schirmer (Aquas)
7 Robby (xx_von_xx)
7 Tom Thiher
9 Royce Benda (Robot Special Deluxe)
9 Evan Bredendick (OgreBait)
9 Adam Wheeler (Ladramadon)
9 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
13 Luke Olsted
13 Rob Elizondo (Casanova)
13 Cher Lee (PoopOn3rdStrike)
13 Rick Thiher (Rocksteady)
17 Jacob Groebner (Grublet)
17 John Lorenzsonn (Silent Z)
17 Steve Jurek (The Last Hairbender)
17 Jack Van der Linden (Singe)
17 TS Yang
17 Eric Osbeck
17 Dan Burdick (Danny B)
17 Jonathan Palalay (JONO)
25 Justin Duong (JWong)
25 Lucas Spoden (Lazerface) (Forfeited)
25 Adam Palkowitsch
25 Kevin Langham (Phoenix XL)
25 David Schmitz (Unmasque)
25 Punnha Nom (PheNOM)
25 Santiago Ponce
25 Cameron Wilkinson (iCam)
33 Joe Palkowitsch (Rotanadan)
33 Derrick (DirtyWerk)
33 Sean Sauter (Slob)
33 Freddy Duron

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
1 Izzy Lee (!zzy)
2 Robby (xx_von_xx)
3 Jaden Edmond (Dirty Rainbow)
4 Will Palus (T.L.O.)
5 Bryan Timm (Master Splinter)
5 Kevin Langham (Phoenix XL)
7 Dillon Lee
7 Punnha Nom (PheNOM)
9 Freddy Duron (Forfeited)
9 Luke Anderson
9 Stefan Pfister (Shogun17)
9 Rick Thiher (Rocksteady)
13 Eric Schwamberger (Schwamy)
13 Lucas Spoden (Lazerface) (Forfeited)
13 Santiago Ponce
13 Michael Xiong (Mikey314)
17 Jack Vanderlinde (Sing)
17 John Lorenzsonn (Silent Z)
17 Derrick (DirtyWerk) (Forfeited)
17 Pao Thao (PZ)
17 Cher Lee (PoopOn3rdStrike)


Got my name wrong :frowning:

Jack Van der Linden, AKA Singe


What was the stream name again? I wana go watch the replays.


To my understanding, the stream wasn’t archived, but supposedly the replays are going to be uploaded to youtube sometime in the future.