Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


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Comicade V
For Salt & Glory.

When: Saturday, February 16, 2013.
Where: Twin City Comics, Columbia Heights, MN.
Discounts on store product changes monthly!
Parking behind the venue or across the street in the open lot.
Food and drink available at the venue or within walking distance.

Sponsored by:
Games N Go (gamesngoonline.com)
Twin City Comics (twincitycomics.com)

Streamed by: MNFGC

$5 venue fee // $5 per game entry fee // spectators=free
Registration begins at 1 PM. Individual game registration ends 30 minutes prior to its listed start time. Registration is cash only (change will be available).

Tournament brackets will be randomly generated and managed by MNFGC. Prior Comicade winner’s in each game (where applicable) will be seeded to opposite sides of the bracket.
These are double-elimination tournaments (you will play at least twice).

Bring your own controller

Games & Schedule
Unless noted all games will be run on PS3s with Asus 236H “EVO” monitors. Game rules in comment below.

12:00 - 2:00 PM
Casuals and registration

2:00 PM
Soul Calibur V
King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter x Tekken v.2013

4:00 PM
Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Persona 4 Arena
Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (PSN version)

5:30 PM
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v.2012
Mortal Kombat (9)

6:30 PM
Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Additional tournaments can be run, if time and space allows, by request at the venue. These side tournaments will not take place before 6:00 PM to ensure listed tournaments have enough space & equipment.

Payouts (based on game entry):
6 or less (round robin) pays grand champion
12 or more pays top 3 (60/30/10)
32 or more pays top 5 (50/20/10/5/5)

Game rules:
Universal rules (except where noted in individual game listings):
2/5 for bracket, 3/5 for winners, losers, & grand finals
Default timer
Winning player is character (or team) locked, losing player may switch
Turbo & programmable buttons functionality on all controllers is banned
Pausing the match, unless otherwise agreed to by both players, is a forfeit
You will need to check in by tournament start time. If you have not checked in by the end of the first round of the brackets you will be DQ’d into losers. If you are not present by the end of the first round of loser’s you will be DQ’d from the tournament.

Individual game rules:
TTT2 -
Solo Mode is allowed
All DLC is legal

Akuma is banned
Tournament will be run in ST Mode
Entire tournament will be played 3/5 (including winners, losers, & grand finals)

SFIII: Third Strike
Gill is banned.

Winner can switch team order (not members)

SFxT -
Gems are allowed
Players may not take more than 60 seconds to select gems

MK9 -
Kratos is banned
Hell Stage, Wastelands, & the Street are banned (unless agreed by both players)

SSF4: AE2012 -
Winner can change ultra (must select prior to loser’s selection)
Blanka Alt 3 is banned
Volcano stage is banned

UMvC3 -
Entire tournament will be played 3/5 (including winners, losers, & grand finals)
Winner can switch team order (not members)


Oh hey Minnesota. If you’re free on 2/23 want to come hang out in our neck of the woods for a super sweet tournament? Check out the link in my sig.


How’s the MK9 scene in Minnesota? I went on Testyourmight.com and it looks like nobody from Minn takes MK seriously.


Johnny2D and Sultani over on TYM take the game very seriously. Somewhat surprised you missed them. We have solid Skarlet, Kung Lao, Cyrax, Mileena, and Kitana players. The regularly attending/playing guys round out with a Raiden, Kabal, Shang Tsung, Sonya, Sektor, and Kenshi.

We currently have an average, but growing, MK scene here. There are a few serious players, a couple above average, and a few guys learning the game. Monthly turn out for MK seems to waver between 7 and 16 man brackets in the past few months.

If you’re an MK guy within acceptable driving distance we’d love to see you come add to the group.


and Ermac :wink:


No Reptile or Smoke players? :badboy:


SonicBOOM (or anyone else): any idea when the next ComicCade will be?? Wrestling season is almost over and I may be able to make it out to the next one. Im about 2 hrs away in Northern Iowa lookin for mainly some high level Marvel 3. Information on gatherings will be much appreciated as well! Thanks!


Damn haha I got last in sf4, no practice for months whoops. Ninth in mvc cause my ride had to dip haha Ill be back for the next one. In the meanwhile…[media=youtube]7Dw04JVuLf0[/media]


Wait… Gill isn’t banned in the 3S tourney? I know who my new main is gonna be :wink:


We had a very solid Reptile who moved away last year. Locally we’ve never had a well developed Smoke.


Duke! I’ll keep you posted. The following month’s date is usually decided the evening of the tournament. We do our best to balance the date against other types of tournaments at the shop and national majors. I’ll have the info here as soon as possible and very glad to hear you might make it up. Good luck with the wrestling season as well, I miss my sports years greatly.


Ha! Oversight on the SRK post, but the usual Gill ban was up on Facebook. Sorry to trash your easy win hopes my man.


Why does UFGT always have to be over Memorial Day weekend? As much as I’d like to go (as I haven’t been to an out-of-state tourney in forever), I might have to pass yet again. Is there a large MN group planning to attend?


Keits plans UFGT intentionally over Memorial Day weekend each year. It makes the venue more accommodating to the tournament and does increase player attendance due to the lighter school / work / etc for most people. Definitely isn’t the best for anyone with perpetual Memorial Day family commitments, but thats just the catch 22 of such a thing.

I think a grip of MN was planning to go last it was discussed.


Anyone getting some casuals on today/tonight? I just saw Jono had canceled his. I just found out that for the first time in nearly two months that I have a Saturday available.


So apparently, I can’t delete my post…only edit it.


Any chance that anyone will be playing MvC2 or 3s at GnG on Thursday? It would be fun to mess around in one of those games again.


Registration for UFGT9 is now OPEN!

New venue, New theme, More filling!


We did a MvC2 Setup time to time.