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I don’t plan on spending money on a duel mod when I only play 3s and you guys don’t host that game every tourney. I pretty much just play on 360. idk maybe if I do okay in 3s i may spend the money on duel modding a stick. I prefer happ buttons but i use a standard Sanwa stick. and i had a madcatz SE stick but i hates the size of it. so I purchased a custom nightwalker stick and put the guts of my SE stick in the case. that stick is a beauty. but I hope someone is nice enough to let me use there arcade stick at the tourney if not…well I guess that would suck :frowning:


I don’t have any Seimitsu button sticks I can offer but I have both Mad Catz and Hori products you could use if thats acceptable for you. Usual pain of death if you break it type deal.

Combo Breaker didn’t happen last year due to conflicting tournament needs existing near every weekend. Currently a Combo Breaker is planned for 2013 and I’ll fill everyone in the moment I have all the details nailed down. I’m not a big fan of announcing things without my contracts signed.


lol yeah bro if you had like a madcats TE stick i could use for the tourney that would be awesome. i know beggars cant be choosers but do your stick use square gate or octo? because I normally use square since I play grapples. but either way Ill manage. and its cool combo breaker was awesome when i went two years ago if there is one this year I am looking so forward to it


Everything I own is a square gate. I could never get used to octos.


HEY I got an important question pertaining to GUILTY GEAR…

PHENOM<-------- hey is kliff and justice banned or not? Also is the version there at comicade going to be the plus r version? I think it may update before then. But If not kliff and justice should be banned. Common knowledge for ggxacbhihiohttoih whatever its called ya know? anyways peace out


While I’m not the official word on the subject, here’s my take:

The version used at Comicade will be the normal GGXXAC+ version that is currently available on PSN. Having it release only in Japan 4 days before the tourney is not enough. It will need to be released in the US first.

As far as Kliff and Justice go, I’ve entered plenty of GGXXAC tourneys in the past, and yes, both Kliff and Justice were banned. However, this was because they were not available in the arcade version, and at that time, we made rules for tourneys based on the arcade gameplay. In this case, the widely available version of the game has easy unlock for both Kliff and Justice, so I was originally intending to have them allowed. However, after doing a bit of research, I found that I was under the mistaken impression that they were balanced (having never needed to play them or against them), but they are not balanced in the regular Plus version. It has been said that in the Plus R version they will actually be balanced, so my opinion is to ban them for this version and revisit things when the Plus R version comes out.


I know Dark stalkers was just released today (PSN only) will there be any chance this game will be featured in future events?


Based on community feedback Guilty Gear is as follows:
Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus (currently available PSN version)
EX, Shadow, & Gold characters are banned.
Kliff & Justice are banned.


DarkStalkers will be appearing at future events.


Thanks for clearing that up SHOGUN. Yes without question kliff and justice should be banned for this version. Time against any good kliff or justice player tends to give nightmare. Now just ban potemkin and were good hahah. Long live guilty gear! So happy to know that, including me. There are at least 2 guilty gear players in minnesota. Looking foward to comicade


Yeah they have changed alot of small things for the two to make them a part of tournament play. It is tremendously strange to me that you havent played against justice. not even in arcade mode or cpu vs? Anyways I am just happy to hear that people are up on this game. GGxxac+ is a fantastic game. Probably my all time favorite. Anyone else care to list a top 5 favorite fighting games?


  1. GGXXAC+ the combos for the most part short and sweet. Very easy to learn at first and do basic combos…For the technical head it just has layers and layers to peel back and learn until it becomes very clear that this game is in a class by itself.

  2. Vampire savior 2 - loosened up combo system and those characters are just so fun to use! Super technical and a great game to play with friends. It seems like this game more than others really exposes players style tendencies depending on who they use. I used phobos alot so I guess that means I am a peaceful OP mystic robot.

3.Samurai showdown 2 - Very ahead of its time. laydowns, rolls, overhead hops, weapon breaks and catches. Insane haha really teaches you to respect your life meter and know every matchup

4.sf alpha 3- broken or not this game was the only one to have evrybody plus some more. Played this game sooooo much back in the day. long live the saturn ram cart (actually cant remember if it used this but long live the ram cart anyway)

5.Umvc3- I actually HATE this game But curiously, it is my hate for this game that has kept me coming back because I hate losing. This game just forces you to come up with more rediculous BS than your opponent until someone is KO. Much time spent on this game.

Vanilla sf4 gets an honorable mention for putting the fire back in me to play these games again. I cant even count how many fighting games came out since this game put fighting games back on the map. I am so happy that it has calmed down a little bit since then. TOO MANY GAMES hahah and more on the way.

anyway props to mn fgc I am happy to know people still play fighters. We used to get down at the jesus arcade on lake street where games only cost 5-15 cents a pop to keep kids of the street. First place I played alpha 1 and mk2 and 3. And pops arcade! Miss those days god damn. Still looking for the little girl who destroyed an entire line of players at marvel super heroes. Does anyone know who she was? Young black girl at pops arcade circa 1994 to 98 I forgot her name its been awhile.

on a side note I picked up kof13 when it went on sale. As you can imagine there is no one to play with online. Anyone up for sessions to teach? I have played enough to know that 2 in ones, input shortcuts and cancel timings are different then most games. any advice or knowledge sessions would be appreciated. I am a fast learner and could give you at least a little trouble with practice haha

currently playing umvc3 on psn just add sarvets1979 if you are down to practice
everything else I got on xbl but I aint on GOLD status right now, just playing in person is better for me.


Here is some random shit that I did for you to peep if you are bored, dont know if i posted but I did this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dw04JVuLf0 dormammu modok and strider speed drawing :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oajOr6SXFYg and dont judge me harshly on this one because my friend called me out to do this in one take and I failed haha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG-KNE9M1VA there is more on my channel Ill try to keep updated for you guys okay?


So as someone who has never been to a casual I was just wondering how many people show up to each day on average and how long you play for. No offense or anything but for me the drive isn’t really worth it for 4 guys who only play for a couple hours.


GNG casuals:
Tuesday casuals at Rosedale generally average 10-20 people at the moment.
Maplewood casuals see between 4 and 10.
Friday casuals are a toss up of either a bunch of people or almost nobody.
Saturday casuals prior to a tournament is usually the busiest, but also limited in regards to open stations once the tourney has started.

Community casuals:
Hosts vary and are usually figured out on Facebook. Weekend casuals see between 10 and 20 guys depending on location.

If the drive vs. player numbers are a concern for you I’d suggest either reaching out and setting up a larger casuals night with one of the regular hosts, or attending one of the weekend tournaments. Larger caches of players for casuals before and after the tourneys is pretty common.


Great thanks for the information, 10-20 people sounds good. Hopefully I will be able to make it out there sometime.


I think you may be talking about Sola aka burnyourbra. That’s the only person I know that fits that description and plays MSH and MVC1.

A few of us play and are down to teach and help new players. Come to casuals on a Tuesday at Games N Go Rosedale (I’ll bring my 360 if needed) and I’ll play with you and show you some stuff.


Hey word up man that works for me. Ill give you a heads up! either this upcoming week or next (tuesday) for sure. Yeah I dont know if that is sola but then again shes about the same age as me so it possible. Yeah I would love to play some kof I really dig the movement in that game. just gotta grab some wires and fix this stick I have no left input haha


Thanks desmond for the info that IS SOLA! hahah shes sponsored by DMG now that makes total sense. Yeah she was something else back in the day and apparently still is holy shit.


Comicade VI: Results

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012

  1. Khangaroo
  2. Baka
  3. PoopOnThirdStrike

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. Zeu$
  2. Izzy
  3. Some Mexican Guy

Mortal Kombat

  1. Ryan S.
  2. Showstoppa
  3. Adam Palko

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  1. Esom
  2. Xue
  3. Josh

Street Fighter III: Third Strike OE

  1. Baka
  2. Big Bad Wolf
  3. Some Mexican Guy

King of Fighters XIII

  1. Desmond Delaghetto
  2. Josh
  3. GNG Phenom

Street Fighter x Tekken

  1. Khangaroo
  2. Izzy
  3. xx Von xx

Soul Calibur V

  1. Seung Cheol
  2. Alex
  3. Esom

Guilty Gear

  1. Izzy
  2. Desmond Delaghetto
  3. Josh


hey I think im going to head up to casuals at rosedale tonite im down for umvc3 ggacx or to learn kof. Hit me up desmond