Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


So do we have any guys driving down to Chicago for UFGT, or is everyone planning to take the plane route?


^ I would love to catch a ride with someone


Traditionally multiple guys have driven down.


yo desmond send me a text I lost your info. Nice playing with you guys lets hit it up again


On second thought. Would probably be a better idea for me personally to take a bus.

However, if anyone IS planning on going, and is interested in room sharing at all to lower the costs, please send me a PM because I would be more than interested. Still a bit early to be making plans imo but yeah…just throwing that out there.


To those who I played yesterday in Guilty Gear XX AC+, or anyone who’s interested in getting into it, I thought I’d put together a quick summary of things to know about the characters I play. Hopefully, this allows you to better defend against some of the mixups and things I do with my characters, or at least use this knowledge to formulate a game plan against me.


Zappa has 5 different modes, based on which summon he has: normal, ghost, dog, sword, and Raoh. When Zappa is in normal mode, he has only one special move: his summon. When he performs his summon, he will gain one of the spirits. If he has 7 or fewer orbs surrounding him, he will get either ghost, dog, or sword, determined at random (for all intents and purposes). Additionally, about 1/2 the time after Zappa gets hit, he will gain one of those spirits as well. Once Zappa has 8 orbs around him, the next time he performs a summon, he will always get Raoh.

By landing the following moves, Zappa gains the listed number of orbs:
–Summon - 3 orbs
–Ghost projectile - 1 orb
–Sword swipe - 1 orb
–Sword uppercut - 1 orb
–Sword rush - 1 orb
– --rush follow up: 3 orbs
–Dog uppercut - 1 orb
–Dog bite - 3 orbs
–Unsummon (force break) - 1 orb

If Zappa has one of the 3 normal spirits (dog, sword, ghost) and gets hit, he will lose that spirit. Additionally, if the dog is hit during an attack or recovery, it will disappear (however, it can’t be touched when it’s not doing anything).

The following moves have special properties:

Summon - invincible to strikes until after it hits
Dog Bite - unblockable
Sword f+HS - 1st hit is overhead, 2nd hit is low
Ghost projectile - if it hits you, you’ll become haunted for about 5 seconds, during which, the ghost will throw crap at you

Once Zappa gets Raoh, watch out! Zappa’s normal body can be hit, but Raoh’s limbs can not be hit (i.e. his attacks have insane priority). Raoh will go away automatically after about 15-20 seconds. During that time, either get really defensive, or lock him down (which is tough, since he has a fully invincible uppercut that hits a huge area in front of him).


Between Testament’s scythe, his traps and his projectiles, Testament’s goal is to keep you away or apply midrange pressure. He has two types of traps: nets, and trees; both of which are invisible until the opponent gets in range. You’ll need to pay attention to his animation to tell when he’s laying each of the them, and then either try to trip them without getting hit, or avoid them.

A net becomes triggered when the opponent or a projectile enters the area of the net. If you’re blocking when that happens, you’ll block the net. Also, pokes that have a decent range can be used to trigger the nets as well as projectiles. If a net hits the opponent, it will hold them in place for a short period.

Trees trigger from the ground and will knock the opponent into the air. They are triggered whenever the opponent moves anywhere above where the tree is planted, which means jumping high above where a tree is planted will trigger it without it hitting you. If Testament is hit, any trees that have been planted will automatically be disabled.

Testament can only have up to 2 trees and 2 nets active at any given time. Once the third of either type is set, it causes the oldest trap of that type to disappear.

Testament’s EXE-beast (his chomper projectile) can either come from him and go forward, or come from the back of the screen and come towards him. His other projectile is a small, slow-moving orb that can be thrown either high or low. If it hits, you will become cursed for about 10-15 seconds, during which, the ravens and/or lady behind Testament will attack you. Some of those attacks are overheads. If you hit Testament while you’re cursed, the curse will go away.

If Testament’s counter special move, his big-red beast super, or powered-up tree hits you, you will become poisoned for about 10 seconds, during which, you’ll slowly lose health (can go down to 0, but it can’t kill). If you hit Testament while you’re poisoned, the poison will go away.

If Testament’s key super hits you, Testament will gain up to 3 icons above his super meter (2 for the first hit, and 1 more for the second hit). If Testament has an icon, the next tree or net he does will be a powered-up version instead of normal and will lose an icon. Powered-up nets are larger and will hold you in place for about 3 seconds. Powered-up trees cover a much larger area, automatically cause counter hit, and inflict poison. In addition, these trees will not go away if Testament is hit.


O hey Shoryuken has an MN forum. Probably should have known lol.

I’m ZeroIshtar, I come to Comicade and Rosedale casuals and generally suck at everything :stuck_out_tongue: So wassup dudes.


Okay SHOGUN that was probably directed at me haha. I actually forgot that zappa getting hit can activate his familiars. Im studying up ill come see you next week and try to put up more of a fight. That damn zappa


Also shogun I m pretty sure you can use the timer to coordinate activating the familiars i think it changes every 2 seconds. so if you activate at a specific time on the clock you get dog, sword so on. obviously not roah but that would be funny if it was. nice playing with you man you are very good with zappa and testament! i been in training mode haha trying to answer zappa


Well, you’re included, but not ONLY at you. There are a bunch of folks who are just getting into (or at least just getting serious about playing) Guilty Gear.

Yeah, that’s why I put “for all intents and purposes” next to saying it’s random. If the last digit of the timer is a 0, 1, or 2, you will get the sword, dog, or ghosts, respectively. However, I personally never really try to do that, since I’ll just take a spirit whenever I can get one and don’t really wait to time it.


Hey guys thinkin about coming out for the first time tomorrow but I’m curious what time people really start playing? From what I read its mostly ps3 right?


Yes, we play mostly on PS3 at the GnG casuals. I believe things start at 4:00 or 4:30. Hope to see you there!


by any chance would anyone have a old ps3 SE stick unmodded stick they dont want


When is the next Comicade tourney?


Due to scheduling conflicts there won’t be another Comicade till May. Sadly the tourney equipment and I will be out of state the only open weekend at the shop this month.


Hi everyone. I wanted to pop my head in (for once this year) and say hello. Haven’t made it out in quite a while. I thought my work schedule would change but no such luck. So I still can’t make it to Friday or Saturday tournaments… Well pretty much ever.

Also, I’m moving to Burnsville within the next few weeks. So a little farther away from GnG.

I am going to make more of an effort to come in Tuesdays though. Is anyone playing injustice at casuals now? Just curious. I’m really still more interested in AE, but if it was there I’m sure I’d try it. Also, though off topic, I started playing LoL a little. All right, back to work.


Do you guys ever post about “Mall Brawl”?


Cool I live in on the border of Eagan and Burnsville.


Next Mall Brawl is on June 8th. https://www.facebook.com/events/152598564905864/?fref=ts

When: 10AM to 10 PM. Saturday, June 8, 2013
Where: Rosedale Mall, Roseville, MN.
Stream: MNFGC

Sponsors: TBA

$10 venue // $5 entry per game // spectators are free
Pre registration available at all Games N Go locations starting April 15, 2013.
On-site registration & casuals available at Rosedale Mall from 5-9 PM, June 7, 2013.
Last call registration at event from 10-11 AM, June 8, 2013.
Registration for all games closes at 11:15 AM, June 8, 2013.
Registration is cash only.

Paid registration entitles you to 1 free entry in the Mall Brawl raffle and additional coupons from Games N Go and other sponsors! Break down of registration bonuses announced closer to the event.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (Xbox 360)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
Injustice: Gods Among Us (PS3)
Super Smash Brothers Melee (Gamecube)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)
Street Fighter x Tekken (Xbox 360)
Mystery Retro Games Tournament (Various)

All Tournaments have double-elimination brackets! You will play at least twice.

Tournament brackets will be randomly generated and managed by MNFGC. Brackets will be regionally seeded by state where possible.

This is a bring your own controller event. A small amount of converters will be available for rent. These are first come first serve and should not be relied upon.

All games cap at 128 participants except Mystery and Smash. Mystery and Smash cap at 64 participants. Game caps are subject to change.

All participants winning money must be 18 with ID or have a parent or guardian present at time of payment.
Less than 64 pays top 3 (60/30/10)
64 or more pays top 5 (50/20/10/5/5)
Pot bonuses announced soon.

Rules & System notice:
Universal rules:

  • All tournament pools will be posted at 12 Noon. All participants are responsible for knowing when they are scheduled to compete. You must check into your pool 10 minutes before your pool is scheduled to start. If you have not checked in by the start of your pool you will be disqualified from your bracket.
  • Turbo & programmable button functionality on all controllers is banned. Button mapping is allowed. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  • Pausing the match, unless otherwise agreed to by both players, is a forfeit of the round.
  • The use of any game breaking glitch will result in a forfeit of the round.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 - Xbox 360 & Asus monitors
2 out of 3 games, default settings. Winner is character locked. Loser may change characters. Both players may switch ultras but the winning player must select first. At either player’s request the match will be contested on the training stage.
Carnival Blanka alt is banned.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Xbox 360 & Asus monitors
3 out of 5 games, default settings. Auto super jump will be set to off. Winning player may not change team or assists. Losing player may change characters and/or assists. Players may alter their starting order during the loading screen. At either player’s request the match will be contested on the training stage.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - PS3 & Asus monitors
3 out of 5 rounds, 2 out of 3 games, default settings. Stage selection is random unless agreed upon by both players.

Injustice: Gods Among Us - PS3 & Asus monitors
2 out of 3 games, default settings. Additional rules TBD after release.

Super Smash Brothers Melee & Brawl - Gamecube & Wii, CRTs
Rule sets TBD.

Street Fighter X Tekken v.2013 - Xbox 360 & Asus monitors
2 out of 3 games, default settings. The 5 v.2013 default preset gems will be allowed. At either player’s request the match will be contested on the training stage.

Mystery Retro Games Tournament - Various equipment
Participants must use tournament provided controllers. Rules will vary every round of the tournament as games change. In the event of an issue arising all bracket ref decisions are final.

Additional community tournaments: TBA


Just curious…any particular reason for switching SSF4AE to 360 setups?