Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


Hey guys, I was thinking of coming tomorrow to hang out, but also to make some observations for a school project. The main reason I’m saying this is I was wondering if anyone would particularly mind being interviewed for a few minutes? It could be through here if that’s easier, but anyone who regularly goes on Tuesdays and would be willing to talk to me would be great. I don’t know if that’s weird or anything, but thanks if you wanna help me out.


I made it out to GnG for the first time last Tuesday but I probably won’t make it tonight :frowning: I was curious tho did anyone head out to the insert coins tournament on Saturday?


what days do you guys usually play? would love to go one day


Tuesday and Friday at Rosedale mall from 4 to 8:30. Thursday at the Maplewood mall I think is 5 to 8:30.


First and last tournament this year for me and I had a lot of fun. All this time and i still get nervous when it’s my turn to play, lol, anyone got tips for staying cool? I hate being so tense up; u forget ur game plan and start messing up, lol. Just wanna thank games n go, Stefan, punha and sonicboom for doing a great job. Also, thanks for the memories Minnesota, I remember coming to the scene in 2009 and meeting cher who was also new like me. Everyone there was really nice and welcoming back then, met a lot of really cool people. Saw a lot of new faces today as well as old ones. I do wonder what happened to some of those people…markuma, Marc xiong, Caleb, baka, Desmond, tones, ts yang, Izzy, vong her…

A shout out to Robbie for telling me about this tournament otherwise I would’ve missed my only tournament in Minnesota this year since I’m moving out next week. And lastly Christian for being so open to giving me tips on match ups. Thanks for the memories guys, it was really fun and I think that’s all that matters.


Good times tonight at GnG!
Thanks for the games Robby, I’m looking forward to another set where hopefully I can keep my nerves and that damn Plasma Beam of yours in check lol.
Sorry I had to flake on the grub afterwards, I caught some wife aggro at the last minute and needed to head back :confused:

Hopefully I can make it to more of these going forward, too fun and my skill set could definitely use the work. If any of you happen to play on Live or PSN, please, hit me up. GT: BlaqAciD PSN: Blaq_Acid

Lastly, good luck to all of you heading out to UFGT this weekend!


Hey guys. I just moved from Tennessee to go here for school, i was wondering where the MN FGC scene was because ive been dying to play some fighting games. I play pretty much AE full time and a little p4u. Any tournaments also? And i was wondering if i could be friends with you guys facebook.com / asianduckie
It would be great if i could fight you guys from the chattanooga fight club.

Ps chatt fight club is dead!! ><


Here is the facebook page of the MN fgc scene https://www.facebook.com/groups/GNGTournaments/ and every Tuesday and Friday there is casuals between 4pm to 8:30pm at the Rosedale mall and Thursday at the Maplewood mall from 4 to 9:00.


People said they play in Uptown?


Mall Brawl tomorrow? Hope to see you guys there.


For anyone that plays KOF, I made this for yall! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRvBEGtqL3s


@ Mall Brawl Melee got more entrants than Marvel… respect?


@mall brawl do you guys play SSFIV AE 2012? Or is it all Marvel?


We had 49 entrants for SSF4AEv2012 at Mall Brawl, vs. 32 entrants for Marvel iirc, so yes, we play SF4.


Too bad my stick is Xbox only


nothing a modder can’t fix


Just found out casuals are still going on in the cities, anyone around here play box and looking for a training buddy.

xbox gt: thedaywalker08
games: tekken tag 2, p4a, ssf4ae, soul calibur 4, soul calibur 5, injustice, mvc3, mvc3u, blazblue ct, blazblue cse, mk, sfxt, and just about all the downloadable arcade games


GT: xzvonzx
games: AE and Marvel
Just sent me a invite anytime I play AE or marvel online.


Which games are most popular at the gng casuals? Anyone play SCV there?


I will be up that way during the day Wednesday looking for some Marvel sets. Anyone?