Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


Xzvonzx ill shoot you a request soon been on a huge ae kick since evo, duke wednesdays are 1 of the days I have open I’d be down for some marvel practice


there aren’t any casuals wednesday


Do you know Zeus? I will be runnin sets with him tomorrow some time.


That may be who I was emailing to find out about casuals, I work every night they’re going on so I’m gonna schedule some vaca in a couple weeks to headbout there, until then just trying to find some locals online to get to know everyone


By tommorrow, you mean Wednesday???


Hey, anyone know about tuesday casuals at Rosedale? I mean in terms UMvC players there and consoles it’s typically played on?


Oh, hey.


There is always Marvel Players there and we play on PS3.

Sup bro!


Been going to these more recently and when I finally get my aracde stick I’ll finally start losing in front of everyone hahaha. The people I’ve already met seem to be chillin people that love to play to play. Shouts to PheNOM07 for keeping things high energy there.


Tournament in Madison, WI 8/10/13 here are the details, even though it’s a bit far away I hope some of you can make it! [8/10/13] --- Madison, WI --- IMDB9: Tournament Conditions


Awesome, thanks for the info. I’ll stop by next week! I actually played in the tournament before Mall Brawl II, but got slaughtered.


Anyone here planning on going to TFC? I’d like to go if possible, and it would be awesome to room-share to split costs.

Let me know if anyone’s thinking of going :slight_smile:


I know it’s a long drive from the cities but anyone else interested in going? Roughly three hours from my area and seeing if more people can make it.


Sounds awesome, I gotta work but good luck man go minnesota!


I assume you’re the Bobcat who was at the tournament, thanks for coming I hope you had a good time!


I just wanted to post on here because its been awhile.

Aww…I don’t think there’s face expressions anymore =(


Sup dudes. I’m new to this thread, and to most fighting games and its community as well. I’m also from Minnesota (Rochester), so I wanted to say “hey”! See what a nice guy I am?
Persona 3 references aside, I must admit I was pretty stoked when I saw a thread for Minnesota. I know Minnesota has its own Smash website, but that place is pretty much dead. Anyways, I play Super Smash Bros (Melee and Brawl), Persona 4 Arena, and just started UMVC3. Don’t really compete much - only attended two tournaments which were both at AniMinneapolis this and last year lol. So…yeah…


Welcome man!


Holy fuck Minnesota sucks these days. Where’s the 3rd Strike discussion?


Hey Guys. I’m from KC, and I’m staying out in Rochester for the next couple days.

I’m looking for some action tomorrow (Saturday) and wondering if there is anywhere to get casuals or if maybe you’re having a tournament? From what I’m gathering, most people are from Minneapolis, or the games usually go down at Games n’ Go in Roseville. Where would I go to get games out here?