Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


Games n Go Roseville casuals are on Tues and Fri from 4 to 8:30. GnG at Maplewood is 4 to 9 I believe. So far I haven’t heard of any tournament going on latest in MN.


Do you guys know of any local stores in or close to Minneapolis that sell video games ahead of their release dates?


whats up guys here is some marvel scraps from some shat i been working on for the people! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-ZandnC8xk&feature=c4-overview&list=UUvTXEgIWEnHQb_INqSTdAkw


Looks like the thread is about as dead as the Vikings.


There is a tournament at GNG on Friday…UMVC3 and SF4AE

5 to enter and 2 venue fee.
Why has this not been posted?
Sup sum details?


Yeah, SRK gets little love these days. Here are the details for tomorrow’s tourney:

The tourney is tomorrow, Friday, September 27th at 6:00pm at Games N Go in Rosedale Mall.


Gng also accepts unwanted games for trade and maybe cash. but not quaterbacks. yeah the vikes haha it really sucks to listen to people check out the scedule and try to forecast them finding a way out.


Any people from SE MN? Winona here


Really? I’m in Winona as well. What games do you play?


SSF4AE on PC mainly, a little Divekick from time to time; hoping to get KOFXIII and Skullgirls when the next Steam sale hits. I’ve casually enjoyed fighting games for years but now I’m trying to learn and improve my play. Do you go to Winona State by any chance? If so then you should totally hit up the next Video Game Club meeting on Saturday at 7 PM.


No I don’t actually. But can non-students show up to these too? I’d like to make it to one of them


One of the club leaders just got back to me and said yes, just as long as you follow the club rules (pretty much just don’t be a dick). So yeah, the next meeting is tomorrow at 7 PM; entrance to the building is on Huff Street right by the parking lot. Once you’re in just go down the stairs and that’s where the club meets.

This is what the entrance looks like just to let you know: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2417/1877607348_5d8df7722a.jpg


Alright yeah I know the place. My day tomorrow should be open so I’ll try to be there


Alright, cool; just look for a guy in a maroon sweatshirt sitting near the booths on a laptop. Feel free to bring a TV/whatever console/games you want


Any activity down in Mankato?


Frosty Faustings VI will be December 28-29th in Downers Grove, IL

Online pre-reg for reduced venue fee and to be seeded by skill and region!

$1500 in pot bonuses! $800 bonus for Guilty Gear. $300 bonus for SF4 and Marvel. $100 to 4th game with highest entrants.




Bit of a last-minute posting here, but I will be bringing GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE +R to casuals at GNG Rosedale today on XBox 360. I should be set up by 5.


Hey guys I’m going to be moving from New England to Minneapolis Minnesota pretty soon and I would love to know where are you guys more active? SRK or facebook? If there’s a group could you please post a link?

EDIT: Never mind, I found the FB page!


For the information of all who don’t dig on that Facebook stuff but do enjoy Guilty Gear: +R will be at Rosedale GNG casuals again today. Come get some games in with me and Desmond.


Anyone from MN planning to go to this that might be interested in room-sharing? If so, please let me know as soon as possible as I’d like to attend this if I can get plans finalized before mid next week.

Shoot me a text! 320-396-7752