Minnesota: Keep it Classy!


Are there any people in Minneapolis that can MOD at all? Im looking for someone to Mod one of my stick to work for Xbox one


Just moved to minnesota and have been looking for a place to test my skills if anyone would like to add me JMontana612 ps3 btw


What games do you play?


Umvc3 just got skullgirls anything fighting lol as as others but fighting mostly


Yeah, Punnha, a.k.a. Phenom07 has been doing the XBONE mods for various people around here.

Stop by casuals at Games N Go at Rosedale Mall in Roseville on Tuesday and Friday evenings, from about 5-8:30. Your skills will certainly be tested.


Ight sounds exciting ill be there around 6


Well that was entertaining too say the least pretty good players here in mn will definitely be back next friday to gamesngo lol now time to hit the lab


Should I go to games and go to meet this guy? or should I call the rose dale mall location first?


Is this forum dead lol


pretty much just follow the facebook page that is where a lot of the mn players are now


whats sad is I called games and go and asked about the Xbox one mod and I was flat out told no. :frowning: is there anyone else I can speak to about this?


You want to contact me for stick mods. We got some new seasonal hires that don’t know some of the stuff that I do, such as stick mods.


Still dead I see


Just a heads up, There is a marvel/KI xbone tourney coming up so check it out.


And if anybody is going and wanna do MM for $5 or $10 ether umvc3 or KI I’ll accept.


Is Games N Go still active? Are there still local tournaments in MN? I went to the facebook page and website and everything looks super outdated.


Yes, there’s local tournament in mn.
Here is the next games n go tourney: https://www.facebook.com/events/264405060382836/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
Here is where you’ll find MNFGC scene: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GNGTournaments/
also there’s casuals at the rosedale mall Tuesday at 4 - 8:30 and Fri same time.




RIP? how so? Just because we don’t use thread as much doesn’t mean there isn’t a (strong) scene here.


I think he means RIP cause the lack of tournaments that has been happening here…Things gotta change in 2014.