Minnesota Meltdown: Neo Summer Gathering - Minneapolis, MN - 9/13/08

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-Courtesy of Shogun17-

In continuation of the bi-annual Minnesota Neo-Geo gatherings, I present Minnesota Meltdown a.k.a. MN Neo Summer Gathering '08.

Date: Saturday, September 13, 2008
Location: Four Points by Sheraton Minneapolis
1330 Industrial Boulevard
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413 (Map)
in the Memphis Room
Time: 12:00pm - midnight (or later) with setup starting at 10:00am
Venue Entry Fee: TBD, probably $10 or less depending on how many people show up

This event will have both casual gaming and tournaments. Historically, this event has been a gathering for Neo-Geo and other retro gamers in the Twin Cities area with a focus on casual and competitive gaming. This event will be focused a bit more towards tournaments, but will still have plenty of casual opportunities.


Tournaments will definitely be held in:
Street Fighter III: Third Strike - PS2
Capcom vs. SNK 2 - PS2
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core - PS2
Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Neo Geo (or PS2 if we can’t get carts)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - DC
Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Arcade (or DC if not available, or SF:AE on PS2)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Wii

Tournaments which may be held if there is enough interest:
King of Fighters 98 - Neo Geo
Samurai Showdown 2 - Neo Geo
Magical Drop 3 - Neo Geo
Twinkle Star Sprites - Neo Geo
Soul Calibur 4 - PS3
Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - PS3
Virtua Fighter 5 - PS3
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - PS2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - PS2

Other games may be added if there is enough interest. All tournaments will have a $5 entry fee with payouts of 60%/30%/10%. All tournaments will be double elimination, unless there are less than 8 entrants, in which case we may do a round robin instead if there’s time.

We do need people to supply TVs and systems. Many of the regular attendees will be bringing TVs and/or systems and games. The more we have the better off we’ll be. If you are able to bring a TV, please do so. Setup will begin at 10:00am, so if you are bringing a TV or other large equipment, please come by between 10:15am and 11:30am so we can get it all arranged.

Equipment List (who’s bringing what)

There is lodging available at the hotel. I am told that they have an internet only special that is currently at about $75/night. Otherwise, there should be other hotels nearby as it’s only a few miles north of downtown and the U of M campus. There is a Wendy’s and a gas station across the street and a bunch of other places to eat within a mile or two. There is to be no outside food or drink in the event room. There will be water provided, and there are vending machines and a restaurant in the hotel, but other outside food and beverages are not allowed.

Also, remember that the 35W bridge across the Mississippi River is not open, so if you’re coming from the south, you’ll probably want to take Hwy 280 and get off on Hennepin Ave.

Game Rules
For most games, standard tournament rules will apply. Double elimination brackets. All matches are best 2/3 until the Finals which are 3/5. Winner keeps the same character/super/order.

The only major exception is SSBB. For that, I’m flexible in the rules (due to my relative inexperience in Smash tourneys). However, here’s my initial stab at rules for Brawl):
No Items
3 stock - 6:00 rounds
best 2/3 (normal); best 3/5 (Finals)

Initial Stage: random select from neutral stage list
Loser chooses one: pick stage, pick character, winner picks character -or- random stage from allowed stages, winner picks character, loser picks character (basically, the loser gets to either choose stage or character)
Stage Listing: TBD


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Brawl Rules

* Items: Off

* 3 stock, 8-minute timer

* Best out of 3, with winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals best out of 5

* Advanced Slob Picks (after each game of a set):
  1) Loser picks stage or can randomly select a stage
  2) Winner picks character
  3) Loser picks character
  Note:-Zelda, Samus, and Pokemon Trainer players are allowed to decide which character they will be playing/starting as after their opponent chooses their character.

* Double-blind picks may be called at any time.

* Dave's Stupid Rule: You may not counterpick a level upon which you have won a game of the set.

* Iggy's Stupid Rule: You may not pause the match yourself. If you absolutely need to pause, it must be done so at the consent of your opponent. If one presses pause without following this rule, they lose one stock.

* Knockout Neutrals: Players alternate knocking out stages until one remains which is played on for the first game. If neither player wants to do this, random can be used. If one player doesn't want to do it, the other player gets to pick the first level out of the 6 neutrals. If you can't decide who knocks out first, rock paper scissors it.

* Controller slot: Since 4th controller slot is imba, you can play rock paper scissors for it if two people conflict over who gets it. Controller slot can also be part of your counterpick if you lost the last stage.

* Team Attack: On

* Life-Stealing: Allowed

* Legal Stages:
  1. Neutrals (5): FD, Battlefield, Smashville, Yoshi's Island, Lylat Cruise
  2. Counterpick: Brinstar, Castle Siege, Green Greens, Green Hill Zone, Jungle Japes, Rainbow Cruise, Norfair, Pokemon2, Pokemon1, Frigate Orpheon, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Circuit, Pirate Ship, Pictochat, Halberd, Hannebow, Distant Planet, Delfino Plaza

Alright those are the official rules of what the MN smash people want to play, if not I doubt they’ll be coming.

=D Explanation to the rules.