Minor Circuit in New Berlin, WI 9-6-09

Sadly, the weekly events have just not been happening. I’m downgrading this to a monthly status, so it will happen on the first Sunday of every month.
For those unfamiliar with this event, it is Street Fighter 4 on the Xbox 360. I will provide controllers, but it is recommended you bring your own so you are sure yours works the way you want. It will be played on a large projector screen. That means it has some minor lag, but it’s tolerable considering how good it looks.
All characters are legal. Double elimination, each round will best best of 3 matches, each match will be best of 5 games (in other words, you need 3 KOs to win and have to do that twice). Final round will be best of 5 matches, but match size remains the same. Loser of each match may switch characters, winner must keep the same character.

Stonefire Pizza Co.

5320 S. Moorland Rd.

New Berlin, WI 53146

Phone: (262) 970-8800

Date: September 6th, first Sunday of every month.

Registration: 12:00 PM

Event starts at 1:00 PM

Venue fee $10 (admission to the building, gets you full buffet).

Registration fee $10. Winner gets 60%, 2nd place gets 40%.

So far, we’ve had David winning every tournament he participated in, but last week, I met one guy who just might have what it takes. He’s an Akuma player that definitely knows his spacing and combos. He needs some work in his defense, but otherwise makes a fine player that would make an excellent addition to our league. I never got his name. Of course, I can’t forget Nappy, Dan, the C, and Sterling, who consistently show us what real competition is about. Not that I can’t take’em, of course. :wink: Popular characters have included Ryu, Ken, Viper, Sagat, Rufus, Zangief, and Claw (though I still can’t get over the whooping I took from Dictator). It’d do my heart good to see someone take it all with a not-so-popular character like Abel, Gouken, or Gen.
You now have some time to practice up on your skills and don’t have to devote $20 per week to participate anymore. Hopefully, that means the meetings we do have will be much richer. Good luck, and I hope to see you all again.

Hey what’s up!

I think we should aim for two events in a month. Having the first Sunday and third Sunday of every month. Which I think it would make it better. So that way it’ll be better and we won’t have to wait so long for an event. I know I haven’t been able to come and I won’t be able to come until the 23rd of this month due to some other things. But since you’re not having it any more weekly ones we should arrange it to twice a month. That way we can have them come for the first one and if they want to come back they can come back within another two weeks for the second which we can aim to make the second one bigger and better and hope for better showing.

So basically we’re aiming for the second one of every month to have a bigger turn out than the first. But for hardcore true gamers who love the game can still come and enjoy the play for the first week and wait until the next. I think that’ll be an awesome idea. Also, that way I can work around things and do what I have to do to get things out of the way and make it there all the time also.

So think about that for the next month. I think that’ll be a great way to make it better. Also, if you can get your managers or whatever to throw in a bone for prizes given out to people to. I mean we do come often enough and everything. I’m sure they can work out something like give money, credit, whatever it maybe out to the community and still get something back in return. We can have a big turn out, if your managers were willing to throw in a big prize for the events. So like for people coming to pay for the venue they can take half of the money that we pay for the venue and add it towards the prize. Think of how much more people would come and how much more money they can make on the long run.

If they’re just willing to do stuff like that or find a way I’m sure we can actually get big turn outs from all around. That’s if they want to go through with all that. I mean like I’ve said before, your managers there seem really great and cool. I think if they did think about doing something like this it’ll help get us as customers coming in and making money off of us coming to come play there at stonefires every month or whatever it maybe. That’s just a thought. Or else you could raise the fee of the entrance to the tournaments that way you can give out bigger cash payouts. That’ll catch people’s interest too. But yeah just a few ideas of what can be done and something for everyone to think about.

if we stop playing on the laggy ass projector then i can beat david. oh and u can still show it on the projector, just split the signal to the tv and the projector because now that i know what i’m doing it’s a pain to play on it

If you can provide a splitter, I might be able to make that work, but I have no such technology available to me.

Oh yeah, and BUMP!!!

:stuck_out_tongue: Tournament is this Sunday, guys. I hope this time we’ll have a good turnout. Sorry for any inconvenience you might have had over the last month. By the way, I’ve been practicing in STHD if you guys wanna take me on. Been doing that and 4 pretty much simultaneously to help ease transition, except it’s still not quite smooth moving between the two. I’ll also bring Metroid Prime Trilogy if anyone wants to try shooting me down. :wink:

If Syxx doesn’t bring one, I’ll bring one next month.

I’ll have a fully functional stick and hopefully a converter by then.

20 dollars still?
At least it’s just once a month… maybe I’ll pop up again with some new faces if I can make time, cuz my Sundays have been pretty busy as of late. You want an Abel to take the tourney? I can try to learn some new tricks with Abel… but then again… My other sub is Sakura… and my main is Cammy… probably all of them are a not so favored matchup to everyone XD