Minor Circuit in New Berlin, WI


Ya know, I really thought I had my last thread on instant email notification. Sorry I didn’t reply to anything last time, or that I didn’t put anything up on here again.

Worry not, though, because this has been doing rather well. We’re finally starting to get a somewhat stable competition base, although it seems nobody has been able to dethrone David (if you see this, please let me know if there’s some other name you’d prefer I use). Dan was able to win a 4-person round robin tournament, but all other events have David holding the top spot. Jordan has provided some good competition, though. I know Dave’s beatable; we seem to trade victories back and forth when money’s not on the line. We just gotta get it done. :wink:

Here’s the ad as I have it posted on Craigslist. It’s got details for what the guest games will be for the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately, one of my televisions totally died recently, so I can only get 2 games going at a time now. Soul Calibur 4 has been taken out, even though I feel strongly about the game.

We’ve had some ups and downs getting Street Fighter 4 going at Stonefire Pizza Co., but I’m not ready to give it up yet. The C, a regular competitor, suggested that I offer other events besides Street Fighter 4 to bring more people in. To that end, I am now offering an extra game that will be rotated every week.

Guest games over the next month will be as follows:
Next: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (email me if you plan on attending so I can get your input on potential rules)
July 2nd: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
July 9th: Blazblue

Here’s the general details.

Stonefire Pizza Co.

5320 S. Moorland Rd.

New Berlin, WI 53146

Phone: (262) 970-8800

Date: Every Sunday starting July 5th. Activity level will determine if SC4 remains a permanent member or becomes rotated out.

Registration: 12:00 PM

Event starts at 1:00 PM

Venue fee $10 (admission to the building, gets you full buffet).

Registration fee $10. Winner gets 60%, 2nd place gets 40%.

Don’t be afraid to compete. Even if you’re not necessarily the best player out there (and believe me, we have some great ones), the overall goal is to gather people who love fighting games. I’ll offer some honorable mention to the Pwnage Lounge in eastern Milwaukee, which is a great home for shooter fans.

Now, for Smash Bros., I understand that the community is very splintered. You won’t find many people who can agree on a ruleset. That said, this will be done our way, and I do stress the “our” here. We will do voting using a 2/3 system. We’ll start with a barebones system that I’ve seen pretty common among everybody: Final Destination/Battlefield only, no items, all characters. Each participant gets to suggest 1 stage to allow (or pass), and the community can vote it down with a 2/3 majority. If 2/3 of the players agree, then that participant can suggest another stage. This ends when everyone has used up their suggestion. Then we move on to items, first requiring a 2/3 majority on whether to allow any at all, and then we look over what items to ban rather than allow. We’ll finally move on to character bans after that.
I opt for this method because there’s really no way I can mandate my own setting without ticking people off. This way, we probably won’t be ideal for anyone, but it will be this community’s game.