Minor Dual-Modded TE Stick Issue


I checked the threads and I didn’t find one on this topic.

Slight issue with my dual-modded TE Stick. (PS3/Wii)

It works just fine on the PS3 but when I tried it on the Wii (Gamecube padhack), I have no luck. I tried the JP version of TVC and Muramasa: The Demon Blade and I have no luck. I haven’t opened up the stick but I might just to see what’s connected or not.

Anyone have any thoughts why the stick wouldn’t work on the Wii?


The only thing i could think of is a bad pad hack make sure all the points are connected and make sure the pad is working, I’ve had some quirky issues with the wii my self but all was fixed with some tinkering. <<Inserting shameless plug for Marcus>> If that doesnt work you can always get one of those neato toodlles Multi console boards which works on ps3 pc wii and more. Good luck! You should really put a pic up if you open it I can most definately help you.


There’s not much information there to go off of. You mentioned it doesn’t work on Muramasa, but there’s no indication on whether it works on anything else that uses a gamecube controller (VC titles are great for this btw since they all use the GC controller). No mention if some buttons work and some don’t, nada. No information on how its hooked up inside your stick. Without this kind of information, there’s not much we can do. Pictures of the wiring in the stick should be the very minimum.