Minor Modifications to my Fight Stick


So I just ordered my Madcatz SFxT Pro of Newegg for 100bucks,which you might want to pick up on haha. But I was just curious, the stock stick is a Ball Stick and a Square Gate. Now I play grappling characters such as Zangief.Do you thing it would be better if I replaced it with a Circle Gate and a Bat Stick (Not really sure if that matters what character I play)


A circle gate and bat top is not necessary at all. For all intents and purposes, a ball top with a square gate will work fine.

But if for some reason you’re used to playing on American parts, then putting a bat stick and circle gate might work well for you, at the expense of not having a precise feeling of knowing where the corners are. It’s your stick, do whatever you want to it, but don’t expect it to automatically improve your execution.


First off there are no (official) circle gates for the Sanwa JLF, which is the joystick used by almost all Madcatz arcade sticks (exceptions: SFIV SE, TvC stick, and WWE BrawlStick [these do not have any official circle gates either, but they use imitation JLFs rather than real ones]). There are octagon gates though, and they feel “round” by comparison to the standard square gate. That said, you do not need to switch gates or swap your balltop for a battop in order to play Zangeif (or any other character). Balltop vs. Battop and Square vs Octagon gate baically all works out to personal preference.

If this is your first arcade stick (e.g. you have no preference yet) I suggest learning to play with the standard parts (square gate and balltop), as these are the parts you will be most likely to find on a stick in an arcade as well as on someone else’s stick if you end up having to borrow one for whatever reason.


This was also my experience, actually.


I did that and regretted it, I had trouble w/ the square gate at and swapped it out. After a year I bought a new stick with a square gate and found i was better with the square gate than the round gate.


Well I assumed he had wanted to replace the entire stick assembly with a JLW, or the easier way, which is just installing an unofficial circle gate on the JLF.


Go bat top and an octogate. Still pull of circles, but also have your corners for charge moves.


Octagonal gate > everything else. As for bat vs. ball, I’d have no idea.


I think a lot of it comes down to preference.


Yeah, though octo’s increase the throw for no good reason. I’d avoid them if possible.