Minor problem with arcade stick


So i have a Madcatz SFxT arcade stick for my xbox 360.

Often when I turn on my Xbox with the stick already plugged in the stick won’t work until I unplug it and then plug it in again. Other times it will work just fine right from the start.

I tried all the usb ports and theyre all the same. Is there any reason why this is happening?


It sounds like there a break in your USB cable, or rather that is where I would start looking as it is a easy and quick repair.


However I have been using the stick for a while now and it has never dropped the connection while playing.


Well, what I’d do is turn on your Xbox from your stick. To do this, plug in your stick, hold the guide button until your xbox turns on. Then your ready to go.


if i do that the xbox 360 starts up but then the arcade stick still is not recognized. it just flashes all the 4 quadrants around the guide button on the stick


Try turning on your xbox, then putting it in.