Minor Q&A w/ Viper and Cammy

I am seriously hyped for SSF4 which comes out in one week. But there are a couple of questions I have:

  1. For C.Viper, I saw her trials online, and like last time, one of them requires a High Jump cancel into her Ultra. Also there’s one for her Thunder Knuckle Cancel into Ultra. Is there a shortcut for either one of those moves?

2)I see videos of Cammy players where they’re about one inch of the ground and doing Cannon Strikes, sometimes multiple ones in a row. Is there a shortcut for that as well?

Thanks for anyone who provides input!

I myself am having difficulty with the s.lp>u1 trial.
But the shortcut to the c.hp>tk feint>u1 for me was actually FFF>EX Seismo>BK>U1. It will read it off as the combo for some reason.

1.) For the SJC Ultra trial you can try 360’ing instead of qcf, qcf u ppp. So the input would be Jump hk, s.lk, c.lp, 360 :3p:. For the tk cancel into ultra trial, it would depend on your ability to FFF. If you can FFF then you can just FFF, Ex Seismo, sj bk, ultra and it will still work. If you can’t FFF then you can do FA, c.HP, qcb hp, qcf :3p:(this will cancel the tk and count as the first qcf motion for ultra), qcf :3p:.

2.) The motion for this is qcb, uf, kick.

OK, I’ll try those out. Thanks. :slight_smile: