[Minor Spoiler] That KOF 13 Final

was the hypest thing I’ve ever seen. Reynald poured his heart out playing like a mad man, tearing shit up everywhere. Time slot was pretty bullshit though.

Reynald takes it… beating Romance, Street Fighter’s Tokido, Verna, MADkof and finally Woo…

Lotsa great stories

  • Woo basically came out of nowhere bodying usual tourney champ romance,
  • Tokido vs Madkof opening things up (runback of WGC KOF Finals) The typical (but awesome)
  • Romance s Reynald matches we get to see in past events played out on the biggest stage of them all
  • Reynald’s runback from that awesome match he had with Verna, Tokido and Xian’s ongoing seeming rivalry in ANY games continues and their KOF one has been presented in a high level (shoutouts to Tokido for VASTLY improving)
  • Reynald’s runback against MadKOF for last year’s loss
    and finally
  • Reynald Resetting the bracket and taking care of the Enigma that is Woo (whom proves 1 Ryo and Mai considered Lower tier is not helpless, and 2 KOF is NOT just a rushdown game) although the finals was not as hype as last year’s the overall story of the Top 8 more than made up for it… and I expected far less in attendance but as the event progresses the room seemingly looked just as packed as last year’s with KOF hitting 85k viewership (down 5 k from last year’s) would have been much more if this was placed on a better spot

Actually right when Reynald took it all the stream hit 90k :stuck_out_tongue:

Although quite a bit of them were probably just there waiting for Smash

Just as hype as last year. This game needs to be a regular at other Majors, holy fuck.


KOF will most just be a side tournament next year just like Soul Calibur 5… the reason… they now probably say that the lack of attendance wasn’t justified enough for it to return.

Replace Super Slow Fighter cough ULTRA slow fighter with King.

Not seeing hwa brought a smile to my face. But no billy a tear to my eye

Probably inviting flaming here, but I think the problem with KOF is that there aren’t enough good players. Its showings at the other majors weren’t nearly as hype; even in the Top 8 you still saw play mistakes and the same teams over and over again. Marvel, on the other hand, will always have mega damage, wombo combos, and pretty lights flying all over the screen which people for some reason find entertaining to watch, and its learning curve is much, much, shallower. (But it’s the poster child for the same teams over and over and I’m one of the few who wouldn’t be sad to see it get replaced with KOF lol.)

Another issue is that in the US, SoCal is the best region by far. Evo really cemented that as well. If Romance, Reynald, or, even the TC members come out to a midwest/east coast tournament they’re pretty much shoe-ins to take 1st place. Also, KOF players on the east coast are generally fairly scattered. I myself don’t play as much as I really want to, limited to maybe a few hours per week.

A big factor is if KOF XIII does indeed see a Steam release, and if that release also has good netcode. That could push a lot more people to start playing, and also generally increase general skill level by a lot.

One thing i also noticed is that i barely see anyone mention that the evo sf4 champion xian was also a seventh place kof finalist in the same day, maybe that’s asking too much of a rub, but since kof needs all the exposure it can potentially get, it woulnt hurt for people to know the sf champion was also very good in kof… i mean for example we’ll never see a bala vs daigo or infiltrstion vs madkof but we do see xian vs reynald with xian even besting reynald in some cases.