Minor TE Kitty cord issue + TvC fightstick mod questions

So, I’ve got a couple of questions, I hope it’s not poor form to discuss them both in the same post :slight_smile:

I recently modded my Madcatz SF4 SE stick with a TE Kitty/RJ45 from Godlike Controls (much thanks!). After installation, the controller works first try with my ps3, but after making a few cables I ran into trouble. The dreamcast cable I made worked, first try. The snes and gamecube cables I made both failed to work, but exhibited similar issues. When testing both non-working cables, I found that there was continuity through each connection, and that the plugs were correctly wired per the instructions in the users guide. Furthermore, when properly connected to a snes, the lights numbered 2 & 3 around the home button light on startup and pressing the buttons lights the leds as normal. None of the inputs work within the game, though. I tried connecting it to my Retron 5, and the exact same issues persisted. When I tried connecting the gamecube cable to my wii, I had the same thing happen. Buttons light on the stick, but the wii didn’t recognize the controller. I’m sure that the TE Kitty is working well, as I’ve been playing ps3 and dreamcast titles without any issue. It seems to me that there might be a simple fix to this. Anybody know the solution?

My second question is regarding the Madcatz TvC fightstick. I’m so happy with the mod on my 360 stick, I’d like to accomplish the same functions (barring the cord issues) on this second stick. Is it possible to mod my TvC with a MC Cthulhu/RJ45 to accomplish this? Does anyone know of any special considerations there are for this specific mod? I did have to remove plastic and create my own mount for the previous mod, so that sort of thing is no issue. I would like to know if this requires any direct soldering or special connections. The SF4 stick was my first mod (fun!), so I’m not extremely well versed on the subject yet. I am fearless, though :), so I’d like to give it a shot.

Thanks again to Godlike Controls for the amazing kit! Any and all help is appreciated from the forum! Thank You

First question, I don’t know. If your cables are correct, I would assume you’ve got a bad unit.

Second question, yes. You will want to dual mod and use a second output (never plug both in simultaneously) to keep native Wii support. The easier route would be to do a “clean install” of the MC Cthulhu and bypass the Wii pcb altogether, using the MC Cthulhu’s GC compatibility to play on Wii when desired- the only soldering you would need to do would be to connect the RJ45 cable to the Cthulhu in this case. Given the trouble you’re having with the TE Kitty, I would make and test a GC to RJ45 cable to verify correct function before proceeding with this route. Do note that the Wii version of Samurai Shodown Anthology (and maybe a couple other games I don’t remember) will not work with the GC controller ports.

Dual modding guide: Dual modding 101

MC Cthulhu RJ45 guide: RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

Hey, thanks for your help.

I’m convinced that I have a malfunctioning something in my modded stick (maybe the RJ45 is causing an issue?), but it’s impossible to diagnose, since I haven’t the working knowledge required. I know the cables are correct, and I’m sure it’s simple, but I haven’t been successful in gathering the specific knowledge I need for a fully complete mod :slight_smile:

As for the information you shared about the TvC mod, thank you! I would prefer to not lose function of my Wii cable, though (specifically for those few titles). I’m thinking this might require different wiring, but the same parts. I appreciate the links you provide, I hadn’t seen the modding 101 thread before, I’m sure I’ll find it useful. Though I do possess most of the electrical knowledge required to do the mod, I do not possess the required technical knowledge to fully understand what does what on a pcb. I’m a noob, and I’m using these projects to teach myself how to work with electronics. I have hopes of building a cabinet someday, and I have a friend who I could really help out if I figure out the TvC mod. :slight_smile:

If I install a MC Cthulhu in the TvC, as I understand, I basically cut all the button/stick wires and connect it all up so the MC pcb ends up being installed between the buttons/stick and the original pcb, then install an RJ45 and connect to the MC via ethernet. This would make the stick functionally similar to my modded 360 stick, though the Wii stick would maintain use of it’s original pcb and have the added function of connecting to pc and ps3 and other consoles via the RJ45 port. I’m not sure if I need to solder any wires between the two pcbs, or if my intended outcome could be produced by simply running it as stated.

Thanks again, your effort is really helpful.

Here’s how I went about it, this was my first electrical mod: Questions about dual modding a TTT2 WiiU TE stick

There are different was to go about connecting the signal lines, I used those methods due to my inexperience with soldering at the time.

This is amazingly helpful. Thank you very much :slight_smile: