Minot, ND

Not only am I new the SF community but I am new to ND as well. If there are any players anywhere near or in the Minot area i would definitely like to start a scene here and see where it heads. Respond Via this thred or on XBL if you are interested or know of a scene here not already mentioned on SRK.

XBL: xlLunatiklx


I just moved to Minot man… we should link up for some games sometime!

Well I’m only PSN but I’m in Grand Forks if you guys want to meet up at all.

Also, we (basically) have a general ND thread too if you guys want to move the chatter there: http://shoryuken.com/f21/fargo-moorhead-free-since-alpha-3-a-253062/

I almost ended up at Minot back in 2003, but I got sent to Illinois instead. Good to see that a scene is finally starting to crop up up there.

man sorry it took me so long as soon as you get this hoot me a text. 913 775 0945 names keith. we def need to get somethin started

kurasa im pretty sure you know rex and the other guys from kc srk thats where i come from lol even tho rex is STL. hopefully ill see you at Evo sometime

So you’re from KC? I haven’t been down to a Max Out since March, but yeah, that crew is chill.

Yeah i’m originally from KC my man. I’m tryna put a scene together up here but there don’t seem to be any players up here. At least none that are serious enough for me to track down.

Im in Minot, really dont know of a scene tho. I fucks with SSF4:AE, MvC2&3, Tekken. Just PM me and we’ll link up or something.

good shit man just hit me up. what is your main game?