Miracleman question


which issues did alan moore write? i feel like reading moer alan moore shit. already read killing joke, the gl prophecy story, watchmen, and v for vendetta. i want miracleman next


Miracleman hasn’t been in print in years because of T-Mac’s bullshit. But I’m guessing you already know how to “obtain” it. If you find the Eclipse Comics run, Moore’s last issue is #16. After that, Gaiman took over.

Haha, where you at, Sano?


This series is called Marvelman in the UK right, that being its original name before they changed to avoid lawsuits and such?


There’s some invisible force preventing me from reading your entire post. Except for this part. :wonder:


i hope you aren’t talking about downloading comics zephy. we both know that that is illegal, and we woudl never do something like that