Mirage Feint Cancel frame data



I wanna know if the MFC with medium attack is slower then MFC with low attack.
I realized thet MFC with H attack is slower than the one with L attack.



If I recall correctly, L MF can be canceled on its second frame, M MF on its third and H MF on its fourth. In other words, L is the fastest, M the second fastest and H the slowest.


According to the guide, L and M are the same.

L Feint: Cancelable on 4th frame
M Feint: Cancelable on 4th frame
H Feint: Cancelable on 7th frame

Cancelling with L MFC is more ergonomic anyways… when are you ever going to MFC a light attack?


I always MFC with MF M since I use my thumb for jump. That leaves my pointer finger using S and my middle finger using M.

But I double what jaytoo says. The MFC timing is based on the startup of the actual move. L and M have the same startup, H is slightly slower. (I don’t have the book in front of me but I’m pretty sure I copied the info into the penultimate thread and iirc, it’s what he posted there.)