Miramax Dies: Rest in Peace

Damn, RIP. :sad:

I hope whatever savings Disney accrues from this goes straight to Lasseter’s new animation department.

R.I.P. Miramax

They made magic with Tarantino.

The Aviator was great, I wonder if Jason Mewes gives a shit.

They gave us Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and for that, I say RIP.

whaaaat? that’s crazy. r.i.p.

Hm, from reading this article, it sounds like for every Miramax movie I liked, there were 2 gay ones. I guess that’s not bad.


wow. love tarantino movies.


Sucky balls

When Disney bought Marvel, people complained that Marvel was gonna start being kiddy and shit to appeal to a wider audience again. We could always say “Disney has Miramax, who make R-rated movies all the time!”

Not anymore ;_;

wtf…nooo. who’s gonna be dumb enough for jay and silent bob do canada eh?


Way to drop the fucking ball Mouse.

That sucks.

my one true dream in this world, crushed…

id care if the weinsteins didn’t go on to make another company…

So many memories watching films by Miramax!

Disney is again full of Fail!

RIP Miramax

-sigh- Another one bites the dust… Thanks Disney -.-

Meh. Tarantino made magic for them.

…And another thing I loved has died. Thanks for nothing, life.


RIP. :sad:

And yeah Disney give any left over Miramax money to Pixar and force them to make Civil War (Marvel Story) in CGI GAAWD! :annoy:

Oh yeah if you’ve read Siege #2 you’d know that Disney is not having any negative effect on Marvel comics. Mofos got ripped in half. :rock:

Aaaand back to the Comic Book Forum. :wink: