mIRC question

so i know i’m late but i’ve decided to get MIRC. So i’m trying to learn it, and it says i need to register for 20 bucks. WTF. Is there a free version or something i can do? Any info would be great thanks.

You are an idiot.

Yeah you don’t need to register it, it’s kinda like winrar just wait till you can click continue.

:wonder: FireFox + ChatZilla… dood!

I got tired of seeing that dude’s mug so I use leaf chat. It’s free and works great.

ok another question. is there a way to make the chat in real time? it seems like it comes in bursts.

That means your internet connection is really REALLY slow…

I got a question. Is there anyone who actually paid the registration fee?

nobody i guess. i stoped using Mirc a while ago cuz it crashed every time on start up(it was almost a year w/o reg) i tried reinstalling but it still happened.

right now its all about that chatzilla

i used to crack it, but then i missed seeing that beautiful face everytime i opened it.

Ya I payed for it

ditch mirc, no reason to use it when just about every other client under the sun does the same things more efficiently, very often do things mirc doesn’t and don’t nag you to donate at all either

here’s some to start you off: