Mirco switch comparison

my question is what are some good micro switches? for a japanese type stick (besides swana switches)

i want to replace the micro switches on a stock hori stick.

would cherry switches be suitable?

ive came across these brands so far while searching; omorn(SP) zippy ive seen some clear ones that this guy used (jaws).

if so where are some good site?

microswitches are usually the same

compare the hori ones to cherry’s
no real difference

ps: change the thread title to something not so ambiguous

so micro switches with levers dont really make a difference either?

sorry about the title im half asleep can’t think of anything better.

Where are you based? I can point to a few sites in the UK… google is your friend. They are usually designated “V3” size (standardized), snap-action microswitches…

Some good brands I’ve used before: Omron, Matsushita, Crouzet, Gersung… I’m sure there are plently of others…

Microswitches can be bought with various technical specs, like force needed to actuate, usually measured in Newtons (N); short/ medium/long levers; different plungers; some activate early, some later etc… ‘snap-action’ mechanisms can vary between designs to give different tactile feedback etc… They can vary widely and significantly change the ‘feel’ of a stick…

Also pics of your stock Hori with the switches installed might help and an idea why you want to change the current ones?


Some “V3” size microswitch case designs vary slightly and might affect installation (this includes how the electrical terminals protrude from the case too)…

I have one Hori joystick with happ cherry mico switch are very soft clicky than Omron mico-switch are little stiff. I make modifiy the joystick. ; ) I feel like JLF.

Shoo not do know about there stuff different mico-switch.

Does anyone know where I can get Omron switches? =P

Aren’t those the stock switches on a hori sticks? US Tekken 5/EX2/EX3/Wii Fighting Stick etc…

medium and hard microswitches

  1. MicroYamatake/Omron V
  2. Gersung
  3. Matsushita
  4. Honeywell
  5. Sanwa
  6. SAIA X3 series
  7. Freeport.ILL - black, plunger grey
  8. cherry D42, KWJ

soft they do not fit to Japanese and Korean joysticks, work horibly. once Hori used Omron V. I do not know how now.

My US Tekken 5 stock stick has Matsuhita switches. Maybe I’ll try them out on my Happ Comp =P

I should’ve double checked before I posted. For some reason I’m thinking I’ve seen them… could be I’m just hallucinating. Looking at all the switches I have from stock hori sticks, they’re all Matsuhita.


thanks for the info.