Mirror Match MM thread!

My clockwork vs Clockwork “clockwork”

My Team Duc vs Duc “Duc”

Who got weird teams that they wanna Mirror Match me with?

Who likes Clock, Duc, Random?

I like me for 500 - 1000 dollars

me 10 drinks at the bar versus your ten drinks at the bar.


son, are your nuts sweaty?

Throwing out random suggestions, Team MikeZ vs MikeZ and your team JustinK vs JustinK. And your MSP vs the million MSP’s out there would be fun to watch…

ook do it. Whatever u want

i like justin for five hunned to a thousand dollaz each match

<3 same -_-

3s. my hugo vs your hugo. any amount up to 100.

garvin’s dizzy or peter’s jam 3/5 for 100.




I’d love to see all of this go down.

Illan might be the only one I would bet on. I think everything else would to go JWong but these would all be interesting matches

I believe Duc is the hardest of them all. I don’t think anybody has ever seen Wong play Spiral, so Duc can get an advantage there. And even though Wong’s Cable and Sent are GDLK, Duc will have Spiral for a Cable counter and his whole team to fight if he manages to beat Wong’s Spiral. Still, you can never doubt Wong. I think these will be some of the best matches at Evo. If I manage to come, I’ll put little money on Wong against all.

I don’t think Illan has much of a chance, since Wong is pretty good with all of his characters. Well, who knows?