mirror match

when playing online. i usually wait for them to pick so i can mimic it. some times they will wait for me to pick but i just keep my highlighter over theirs. sometimes they start moving sporadically but i just follow what they do. im a big fan of mirror matches, as i see that as a true test of skill.

anyways i was just wandering what percentage of you players hate it when people do that

It grinds my gears!!

i like mirror matches because everything they can do, i can do, and vice-versa. no one can scream that the other is being cheap (which alot of my friends do). but those same people also bitch about mirror matches.

i think people like to bitch just to bitch

Eh I don’t care either way. I don’t really see it as fair but whatever, if you have more experience playing againest their team then they do, you still have the advantage.

lol u serious? yes, they have the advantage of skill, not of the characters…