Mirror matches the most fun?

So there you have it, after playing with zangief for a while and learning all his tricks, I’ve gotten quite tired with him. Everyone has a specific strategy just for zangief which is to run away. Akuma and sagat (seth too but less ppl play him) are the worst since they have the best tools for that but even ryu is pretty boring. Akuma losses are aways as a result of timeout. Everyone except for zangief and maybe abel just run away and you spend the entire match chasing, always. Blanka is annoying in a different way because he doesn’t need to run away much and the match is still in his favour unless you can kara gh. I’m finding mirror matches the most fun now as you can really play your own style and also adjust accordingly to your opponents.

Thing is, if you use someone like ryu, you face all sorts of different strategies against you. Using zangief however, there is only one way to play against and its to run. So you just spend the entire match trying to close in on him. Its ultimately very satisfying when you do corner your opponent but is it really worth the effort to do in every. single. match.?

Getting a life lead then turtling is also a viable strategy against runners but again, this takes so long!!

Its so time consuming to learn anyone else (so many matchups, strategies, combos to learn) that its really annoying if I use someone else and lose knowing that I would have won with the big fat russian.


Gief ain’t fat at all. He would SPD your ass for saying some shit like that.:chainsaw:

Mirror Matches = Minor Fun.

mirror matches are the funnest, its like a true indication of which player is more skilled because the matchup us ofcourse entirely even. Also, no chasing about bullshit, this is a straight up brawl, not fireball fireball fireball run away for 99 secs that happens so often.

Its kind of the only thing they can do, because you must have a death wish or be extremley good when fighting up close and personal with the red cyclone.

Not really, its not any indication of who is more skilled. Thats all there is to it. Real Giefs have many styles and brains to get in on even the tightest situations. Gief vs Gief is like…Lairat, Lairat, Focus, Cross up, Lairat, Lairat. Its definitley not a fight where your experience vs the majority come in handy.

It isnt anymore of a true indicator than beating a person using any character. If you were a better player than the other, you’d even win with Dan.

well… its better than gief vs sagat, you know full well that is a difficult match up. Even if the sagat is rubbish, all sagat needs is some common zoning knowledge and a spammage of standing hk.

i found it to be kinda different…i don’t like mirror matches really cuz gief is the only character that gives me pause to try and get in. i find myself using lots of pokes and RH’s to try and get in rather than GHs. Thats the other thing is EX GH use is very limited because it loses CLEAN to lariat and if its blocked, your eating a command throw no questions. I if anything try to play very tentative against a fellow Giefer

Two things:
I hate Gief mirror-matchs! It usually comes down to a five way paper rock scissors, I feel like there is alot of guesswork involved, if there is a signifigant skill or execution gap; that will matter, but if there isnt Its frequently dumb luck, and over too soon for mindgames to come into play.

At this:

If All the sagat has is common zoning knowledge and standing hk spam you should be wrecking him EVERYTIME. Mix your quick lariats with zangeifs 3 forward moving low kicks to work into st.mp range and then punish the roundhouse If they fireball which they usually do when you start punish their stupid kick, then you just exgh; if they go for knee or upper, then block it and feed them a 360k (spd works, but I’d rather have the postioning on the 360k) Then LET THE CROSSUPS OF DEATH BEGIN! Sagat is so fubared once hes down with a nearby zangeif.

That said, good sagats who know what they are doing and have sagats poking and footsies down are an absolute nightmare, they do more than just zone you and spam HK though.

I like gief mirror matches, they’re silly.

Two full grown men who wrestle bears, spinning on their tippy toes at each other.

Gief mirror match is one of the worse in the gtame followed by Dhalsim, Honda, Cammy, and Blanka mirror matches. Its just STUPID. It doesn’t say anythign about your skill with Gief, merely your knowledge of that specific match-up. I had tons of issues with it, asked for help in the match up thread :thumbsu: and after that one day I’m now like 90% in mirror matches (with Gief)…which should let you know that its really about that match-up more than knowing Gief’s tools.

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I love mirror matches with Gief its intresting how they get in on each other and the crossups i love to watch mirror matches like CANTONA vs Kog its great :D.


I’ve been trying to learn Zangief lately. I’ve had moderate success, but there are certain matchups that kill me. One of those killer matchups is Gief mirror. The thing is, I run up against guys who do nothing but spam 360, and still lose. It drive me nuts. Here I am, trying to learn the finer nuances of the game, like spacing and hitboxes, and I can’t beat a guy who’s two tools are lariat and jump in 360/720. So no, this match is no fun for me at all.

Obviously, the moral of the story is get better, but losing those matchups makes me break out into a cuss storm.

Umm… obviously you’re not playing this matchup correctly.

Lariat shouldn’t be done in this matchup, b/c gief can beat a lariat easily on wakeup, and can throw it’s startup.

Gief should also not cross up, b/c lariat will trade with you many times, leading to EX glove juggle, and then meaty headbutt wakeup games.

Jump Up HP
Jab SPD when they’re sleeping.

That comment is geared torward the people that pick zangief against me when they lose to Gief so many times and turn it into a Mirror fest because they deem Gief as scrubby and want to show me something.

Im not the one doing lairat as offensive. Im just saying how it happens, its not that bad of a matchup for me but this what people generally do when they fight ZvZ. Weak Giefs try to cross up so I gotta lairat. Come at me with that sweep, KKK lairat. I know the matchup well. EX SPD all day!

I’ve stated before. Headbutt is not absolutley safe on wakeup. If you back up one step on wakeup and the other Gief is headbutting do EX RGB absorbs headbutt and you get the grab. There is nothing Gief can do about this. If you are under him you will get the grab wiff animation. You want him to run, then you can beat headbutt. Its not hard at all because you can see the headbutt dropping with much time to react to an empty mix up.

A cross up every now and then wont hurt though. If you stuff enough Lairats in one match, they will allow you to cross up. You might get traded and juggled once but then you know you can’t do it anymore to the guy. I say test the waters a little and fight out how much your Gief opponent knows about the matchup, then put the hurting on.

Focus…still belive this to be somewhat usefull in this matchup. I hardly EVER use it but whenever I have it has been midly profitable.

Either way though, im just saying. ZvZ is still boring. I LOVE using Gief but I tend to pick my alts when I play Gief users just so its not such a big Gief fest.

I believe they can throw in a cr.lk after the headbutt to stop EX RBG. The window for landing the EX RBG is really small I think, more often than not, you’ll get punished. You take full stun from the headbutt and a beefy combo to boot. I think they might even be able to just not attack, land, and SPD you.

Mabey my training mode is broken but I’ve been able to land this consistently even against good Giefs. Are people comboing you out of this when you’ve tried it?

Its easy to see the headbutt coming, there are only 2 options of what he will do once he is up there. Once he is midway down you can pretty much tell whats going to happen if it will be empty or you see a headbutt. Rotate the stick, if he dont headbutt by half way down, just go back to up and jump. If you see the animation start…hit KK

Meaty headbutt at the right spot cr. short option select ex hand is solid. No, ex bear grab doesn’t work, crapface is right about the short beating it, and then you’ll take a full headbutt to cr. short cr. short ex hand into another knockdown situation where you’ll get stunned if you try to take another headbutt. The only thing Gief can do is focus backdash, but that’s not a good option either because he still takes full focus damage and stun from the headbutt, both of which are huge. Make sure in your training mode that you’re setting up the meaty headbutt at the range and timing where it beats lariat, because at that range you get a free cr. short before the ex rbg grabs you.

Also, no, you can’t tell what he’s gonna do when he gets into the air. What if he does up+strong headbutt, which looks exactly the same as fierce headbutt but lasts for half as long, and then lands and does 720? What if he does the fierce headbutt a frame or two earlier than usual?

If you’re Gief and another Gief is pressuring you with headbutt on wakeup, your best bet is to guess your way out.

Ah, I see.

I wish I didn’t always get lucky and have stuff land all the time because I go through thinking this stuff even works. Even when I play good competition. I guess the most calm and quick players get those in on those openings. I rarley play any Giefs better than my own. (no im not saying im the best)

Im propably reading bad books, that I can read their not being able to stop it…why dont some of you people play me. Cuz Theres so much stuff that I think works because I play so many mind games rather than guaranteeds, its hard for me to know what REALLY works and what doesnt.

Its actually pretty tough to test your own mind games on yourself in training mode.