Mirror Matches?



So would anyone here be down for some Hsien-Ko mirror madness? I played with HsienKosHelper a few days ago, and I gotta say two Hsien-Kos going at it is fun/ridiculous/hilarious. Plus we could maybe learn some Hsien tricks from one another.

Offering up my XBL contact right here:

Down to play whenever!


sounds fun, i will add you tomorrow. I’m also a Dormammu and Hulk player. Gtag: serpentaurus


Damn, I would love you play you guys, but I’m on PSN instead.


Evul Soldier wanna play?


I’m up for some matches too. My Gamertag is K4np4.


Sure if you see me online on psn. My psn is evulsoidier.


Added you.


i hate mirror matches lol


My PSN is BloodyPaperwork.

It will be cool to fight with another Hsien-Ko. I often change the other two guys, though I constantly pick Firebrand and Ghost Rider to team up with her.


I don’t know why I didn’t notice this thread until now, but I play both Hsien-ko and Phoenix Wright (usually with Sentinel, Strange, Trish or Morrigan.)

Just a warning though, my connection isn’t the best, it screws up sometimes. And I’m not really the best player at all. If you don’t mind, my XBL gamertag is Misdreavus573.


Koffkoffi and Misdreavus I added you both.


I’m adding you bloodypaperwork.


I’d be down for some PSN Mirror matches. I can be reached at Phoenix_Drive


Added you, Ranadiel.


Always up to take a break from Ranked for some player matches. Though I am finally about to reach 2nd Lord, which I think is a feat considering my team. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally gonna play some online. @_@
get at me xbl: llnd


I will mr llnd :smiley:


I’ve pretty much added everyone with xblgt on here except you. Your friends list is full. :’(


“Your condition, my magics might be able to help !!” haha, GGs :smiley:


Just to let you know I added Phoenix Drive, BloodyPaperwork…
Looking for mirror matches still…