Mirror matches


So it really is common to encounter something like this, but seriously, how can you and how should you capitalize and adjust during a mirror match?


If you play the same character, you should know all the ins and outs of your character. Knowing this then you go to the next step. What’s their approach in the character compared to you? Learn how the player plays in general and don’t think about the character. If you know the characters in and out AND know how the opponent plays, adjust to that and open them up.

You already know the weakness of your character and what strategies beats them right? If you know that, then do that strategy on your opponent and see how it fares. Just try to learn the player themselves the best you can and adapt.


And if it turns out your character has no clear answers for his/her own offense, don’t be afraid to counter pick.


I’ve always felt fighting mirror match when the opponent is equal to or greater than you is like fighting Dark Link in Ocarina of Time. Fighting a smarter verson of yourself :frowning:


That means you just need to step your game up.


In other news, your heart is important for all bodily functions.

I only feel that way because I specifcally made friends with people that are better than me with my main


Which is why you play people better than you.