Mirror's Edge



Hello GUys im sorry if this is the wrong spot to put it but i really loved this trailer from the moment i saw it… Tell me what you think

Also i got a ps3 with t5DR and Metal Gear solid 4

my PSN is GenMA

Add me up :slight_smile:




It looks like a third person view Matrix physics kinda of game that reminds me of World Runner with obviously much prettier graphics.

The trailer totally blew me away, but we’ll see how good it is and if it even has online.


yeah mirrors edge looks very promising but usually games that look very promising usually end up balls.


You can download the video on PSN now.


I got to play this at PAX and surprisingly it was really fun. The controls were really easy to use and it really kept you engaged and thinking about your next jump. definitely worth the money when it comes out.


I’m thinking about pre-ordering the game at gamestop just to get the messenger bag.


when does this come out?
i thought it was only for japan


ps3.ign.com check release dates or goto your local gamestop




Games like this can be really good or flop really fucking hard im talking about sumo Bellyflop into dry ice fucking hard


This game isn’t gonna flop trust me. I was actually reading about this game in this month’s issue of EGM. They (DICE) actually took there time and did their research before releasing this game. It visually looks awesome and it has a different take on first-person action games. The game itself is based off parkour(art of movement) and I don’t know if any of you seen To Live Free or Die Hard but the guy doing all those acrobatics is a practitioner of the art. So, that should give you an idea of the game itself. Anyways, this game’s gonna be magnificent IMO. If anything less it will be one of those “great games no one ever played” type deal. Can’t wait for the demo.


yes i know about le parkour but any game that has try to push the envelope and create either a new genre or saught to redifine a particular genre has either been really good or been horrible. Im speaking in general this game has alot of good points and im sure if the developer takes there time it will be good if not and they try to half ass or rush it. It will flop big time


New video showing the Time Trial mode.

Theme Song: Still Alive by Lisa Miskosky


I already did it. Glad I’m not the only one.


does this game have multiplayer?


Same here. That bag was actually what pushed me to the point of getting the game. I was just ready to rent it or something else but now I’m glad that I’ve pre-ordered it.


man, my Gamestop isn’t getting it until Wednesday and it comes out tomorrow. They’re lucky as hell I want that damn bag otherwise I’d just grab it at walmart or whatever place has it tomorrow.


At my store we got like 18 reservations and 24 bags. One is mine guarenteed. If i get more, ill keep you posted.


I got the bag but the game didnt come in yet. What kind a epic fuck up is that?


Instead of making a new thread, I will just use this one. Catalyst is out and so far I am enjoying it. Any early thoughts so far? Of course the story seems bad and the characters are kinda meh but what do you expect when Saarkensian was brought in for character development. Running is a blast though and most of my time is just spent traversing the rooftops.