Misc. Money matches (non Fighting games)

Seeing so many threads up for different fighting games and non-fighting games, IMO it would be easier to make one thread for all the non fighting games. Long story short, if you want to make a match (for cash or casual) throw it up here. (lets see if this works)

I myself will be open to challenges for the following:

F-Zero GX
Mario Kart: DD
Advance Wars 2
Resident Evil 4 (mercs)

(If I can get ahold of it)
Metal Slug 3, 4, 5


pokemon Fr/Lg (hell yeah!)

I’ll update my challenges If I can get more games.

I’d be game for Advance Wars 2, but how would we do it? I dont actually own a GBA and always played it on the GB Player. Also, what type of match would we be talking about? Whenever i’ve played friends, we’ve always done the pre-deploy maps, but let me know your preferences so we can work something out.

Halo2 Lan party.

:rofl: Someone was going to say that. I personally don’t play Halo 1 or 2 but considering that MLG will have a Halo tourney, you’ll find plenty of comp. :tup:

Ikaruga money matches <3

tetris GB style money matches

bring it bitches

what would be you setup? (stages lifes etc.)