Misc Stick Parts

Just clearing out what’s left. Prices do not include shipping. I prefer paypal but if you don’t have it I can take check/mo too.

Happ parts:

Happ Buttons Concave orange x 5, $5 pending

Extra nuts, free. Just ask for them when you get the other stuff

Super Joystick $5 pending
1 in stock

1 PSX digital PCB only, $5

1 PSX dualshock pcb only. $5
This is the M series with 2 pcbs and not the one with the ribbon terminal.
The R2 button is always on. I don’t know how to fix it.
You can just not wire it and disable R2 in the game’s option menu.

1 PS2 dualshock pcb only $1
This is probably only good if you need to replace the cord since it can’t be hacked.

Misc parts:
Too many to list. So here’s a picture of everything, if you need anything let me know.
These are all free.


That mounting plate … I think I’d like to take that off your hands if it’s still available?

edit —

I’ll also take the Sanwa gates, black ball top, the 1p and 2p Happs and all the convex happs.

check PM

Are these prices shipped?

Anyways, are the qd’s still available?

:rofl: Silly me, thats what I get to be up 1 AM. :looney:

200x .110 quick disconnects $5, or $0.05 each
Partially insulated. These fit sanwa and semitsu buttons.

50ft uninsulated tinned copper wire. $2
perfect for soldering together grounds.

I’ll take those if they aren’t taken already.

The qd’s and wires are pending to pc1x1. I’ll update tomorrow with what is left because I’ve gotten some pm’s but only one person has sent payment for the items.

Let me know the total on the shipping and i’ll paypal it asap.
PM tomorrow with details, 4 am now, so got to rest. And you will get payment ASAP.

how much after shipping (If you still have) for the P1 button, the 4 extra switches, and do you have any light springs in there?

shipping is 18466

Interested in cleaning out your HAPP parts. PM me with shipping costs from 76020, or a meeting place for the exchange(any where that is bus route frendly, that’s all I ask). Willing to pay double for any parts bid on already.

I’m interested in:

Any extra Cherry Switches

1 black 24mm semitsu snap-in button


Mixah: Pm’ed

Sanji: only the 5 orange concave buttons and the super stick are left.

Albert: Only the black 24mm seimitsu button is left, do you still want it?

I’ll take them. PM me.

check your pm’s


Edited first post to remove all items that have been sold.

EDIT: All parts that were paid for have been shipped out today.

Paypal sent.

I’ll take the radio shack stuff if no one’s grabbed it. I could certainly put the 7805’s to use, prolly the battery holder and switches too. Hit me up for shipping.