Miscellaneous Arcade Parts & Art For Sale

In an effort to simplify our lives and workspace we have some items we are listing for sale. We are pretty firm on the prices as we feel they are very reasonable. Items 1-7 are all from my arcade cabinet and have only been used a few times. All used items have been well cared for and are in working order. Shipping is not included in the price but we will combine items and try to fit as many as we can in the same box if you order multiple items. We only accept Paypal and shipping is in the U.S. only.

#1 ? Happ Competition Joysticks original type (USED) - LAST ONE PAYMENT PENDING.

If you would like to purchase something and/or receive a shipping quote please email us at: tmogaming[at]yahoo.com, please NO PM?S. Sorry we cannot hold items, an item is not sold until payment has been received.

I sent you an email on 12

PM sent for Happ sticks.

i want the jlw. Pm sent

Edit: ill take a happ stick also add that to my cost. thank you.

Edit2: email sent.

Payment sent.

I’m interested number #6. I pm send you

I sent a pm; i hope that isn’t too late…

pm sent

Duuude, super interested in the last #1, sending you a PM right now!! :smile: