Miscellaneous ssf4 mechanic Qs

  1. suppose you perform a jumpin and buffer a move (say, dp) during the 1st two landing frames. will the game prevent you from being able to block during the 3rd and 4th frame by virtue of buffering some attack? i.e. if I do a jumpin dp option select, assuming the opponent’s reversal doesn’t beat safe jumps, then either I get block or dp. similarly, can you buffer a move during tripguard and still be able to tech?

  2. suppose you empty jump and you’re able to land into a meaty grab (say, demon or breathless). is the window for beating these moves strict? in quantifiable terms: the window to perform a dp would be 1 frame in this situation. 1 frame later and you get grabbed; 1 frame earlier and you get blown up by tripguard

  3. has someone verified that pre-charging actually works, i.e. charge intervals can overlap and you actually do accumulate charge after having already charged for some arbitrary special? cf: sonichurricane.com

  4. when you attack someone in an armored state, does hitstop affect the attacker/armored character differently? in particular, does the armored character leave hitstop quicker than the attacker? e.g. if true, safe jumping something like boxer’s ex rush would technically be harder than usual

  5. for normals, is hitstop consistent (in a sf2 sense)? i.e. a jab always freezes time for x frames, a strong always freezes time for y frames, etc. is hitstun correlated? is it the same on block as on hit?

  6. is the amount of time allowed to buffer specials after attacking with a normal consistent? or is it related to the meatiness/active frames of the normal (i.e. honda jab hands with or without a gap between the jab and the hhs, depending on how quickly you cancel)?

  7. someone buffers a special during the reversal window, but before that window ends, something freezes time (super or ultra). does the special still come out?

possibly more as I think about it. I’m only really interested in the 1st four questions.

  1. If they armor-absorbed your attack, its the the same frames of a whiffed one

  2. Yes, cause you’d be in start-up during the freeze, as such because of your reversal

You can’t block for 2 frames if you attack in the air. You can always tech during landing frames.

If you empty jump you can cancel your landing frames with an attack, so you get 1f to beat meaties.

Charge partitioning does not work in IV, but you can start charging for the next special before the other one comes out because of the large input window. ie. You can do b, f, b + p to perform a sonic boom.

A move actually has two properties that control this - hit freeze and “self” freeze. One controls how long the opponent freezes and the controls how long you do. They are always the same in general (exceptions maybe to certain auto-combos). I’m not sure about armour moves but you could probably test it by doing safe jump option select in training mode.

SF2 had the same impact freeze for all normals regardless of their strength (14f, I think). In IV I think hit stop is 8, 10 and 12 frames for l, m, and h moves respectively. Projectiles are 8f. They should be the same on hit or block. This is off memory though so I could be wrong.

You can only cancel during the startup (kara cancel) and active frames. If you do it late, you get less time to cancel. Buffering during normals is weird though because it seems that different rules apply to different characters and normals. eg. The input window for a DP is 28 frames, but you can’t seem to buffer “across” the stages of a move. In other words, you can buffer during the recovery, but you can’t start buffering during the active frames, end in recovery, and then press P when the move ends. I need to test this again, so take this info with a grain of salt. Akuma’s Ultra and Super operate under different rules though. In short, I think it basically depends on the move and the special.

The game forgets the input. Otherwise you’d be able to input a special move at any moment during the virtual frame freeze of the Ultra animation and it would come out immediately afterward.

He means the Ultra comes out during the reversal window, not during the reversal itself.

appreciate the response.

  1. correct me if I’m wrong, but iirc you can block during the 3rd and 4th landing frames, right? (or else you wouldn’t be able to safe jump a 5 frame uppercut). I’ll have to cook up a way to test this in training mode, I guess.

  2. the 1st part of that response is what I needed. the way some guiles on srk toss the phrase ‘pre-charging’ around, you’d think it was actually true. pre-charging does work for cancelling normals (but this is probably true in every other sf anyway).

  3. I tested this scenario: I had honda do front grab boxer and meaty j.rh on my wakeup such that he’d cross over and whiff when boxer was in the corner. it turns out: midscreen, honda eats ex rush and ex upper during tripguard. in the corner, however, honda blocks ex rush on time (!). doing jab rush (i4 versus ex’s i7) in the corner tags honda’s tripguard. I guess ex armor does give some quantifiable hit freeze advantage… curious how much it is, and how it applies to other characters with armor attacks.

I’d love to test out cancel properties of various moves (especially really meaty normals) if I had a programmable controller, heh.

again, good shit.

You can block on frames 3 and 4, and tech whenever, but you shouldn’t be able to do anything else.

You don’t actually start charging for the next sonic boom until the first sonic boom comes out. The benefit of “pre charging” is that you begin charging as soon as the first sonic boom is executed.

You can move while your opponent is in hit-freeze if you absorb a hit with your armor. I don’t remember hit-freeze of heavies… I think it is 12 or 14… Absorbing a Lvl 2 focus is very dramatic, though.

Focus dash is a way to test this. There was some testing going on with Dhalsim’s st. hp being punished by Chun’s focus absorb dash ultra. It’s possible by at least 3 frames. It’s not possible on block because Dhalsim is -6 and Chun’s Ultra is 7 frames.