Mishima Style Kuma Combo Thread



Tekken players will understand the title.

Post your Kuma combos here. I’ll update the first post when combos are made.

I was in the lab for a few hours and played around with his combo potential.
You need his Megaton Claw (hcf.hp) to Grizzly Claw Smash (hp) to get some good damage.

f.lp, mp, hp, hcf.lp,hp, hk. hcf.hp, hp - 363
f.lp, mp, hp, hcf.hp, hp, hbs.lp, hbs.mp, hbs.hp - 321 (hbs is strict)

f.hp, hcf.hp, hp, hk, hcb.hk - 369
f.hp, hcf.hp, hp, hk, hcf.hp, hp - 383
f.hp, hcf.hp, hp, hbs.lp, hbs.mp, hbs.hp - 324

hbs.fhp, b.hp 3x - 244 - corner
hbs.fhp, hp, mp, hp - 312
hbs.fhp, f.hp (1hit), hcf.hp, hp - 266

mp,mp,hp,d.lk,d.mp,d.hp,ex hcf.lp, hbs.lp, hbs.mp, hbs.hp - 341
mp,mp,hp,d.lk,d.mp,d.hp,ex hcf.lp, hk, hcb.hk - 352
mp,mp,hp,d.lk,d.mp,d.hp,ex hcf.lp, hk, hcf.hp - 352

d.lk will give you a problem but you’ll get used to it.
Just give it a pause and don’t just press it.

Just to note that, any combo that ends with HCF.HP, HP leads to:
-hk, hcb.hk
-hk, hcf.hp, hp
-d.hp, hcb.hk
-d.hp, hcf.hp, hp
-hbs.lp, hbs.lp, hbs.mp, hbs.hp - (strict)

You can substitute with lp, b.mp or just mp to Megaton Claw but the fierces do more damage.

Day 1 Combos




From the previous thread, easy hit confirm combo (day 1 BnB)
f.lp --> mp --> hp xx HCF hp, hp --> c.hp xx HCF hp, hp

Use HCF lp no follow up for a safe block string


RB_999: You using Kuma. Let’s represent bear power together. RWARRR!



Messing around trying to find some combos from both neutral and hunting bear stance, here’s a few things.

f.hp (2 hits) xx HCF hp, hp -> hk -> HCB hk | 390 damage, f.hp seems to have great reach, but not sure how safe it is.
Metered option off of the previous combo is to use ex Frolicking Bear, but the only pick up off the wall slam (after you use HCF hp, hp) seems to be using Fatal Wind.

HBS f.hp -> hp -> HCF lp, lp | ~300 damage, puts your opponent on the other side of the screen.


Link hit confirm combo:
st.lk > st.lp > st.lp back.mp xx lp megaton claw


Haha yeah man, definitely my favourite character in the game. I’m hoping your Tekken knowledge opens up some good strategy with him. As a street fighter player these Tekken chars baffle and amaze me at the same time lol.


Who’s worse Kuma or Yoshimitsu…


Kuma doesn’t seem that bad. What are you guys getting for tag-in combos?


Well yes, like I also posted before in the other thread. jump.fierce, fierce xx HCF+fierce,fierce, crouch fierce xx HCF+fierce, jab does 474 damage

Also HCF+fierce,fierce does less damage than HCF+fierce,jab. so finishing with HCF fierce,jab is preferable, unless you have bar to waste, with bar I like to go for EX-frolicking into something cool like super (or tagswitch but i havent tried that yet)

Playing as I am posting so theres probably going to be a few more edits to this post.
Starting from f.fierce wich seems to have the best range out of his cancelable attacks.
f.fierce , HCF fierce fierce, c.fierce, HCF fierce jab comes out at 393 damage, you can let both hits hit with the f.fierce.
Same combo but with s.fierce does 403 damage. s.fierce comes out way quicker and does more damage but it has a little less range.


Whats everyones best post tag?
So far Ive been doing just cr.hp xx hcf+hp,hp seems to be the best damage maybe someone can find something better

I play kuma with rolento and the two combos I do are
Best meter and damage
Rolento cr.mk xx rekka (x1 or 2) mp+mk, (kuma comes in) f+lp,mp,hp, hcf+hp,hp, d+hp xx qcf+hp,hp (342 if you do 1 rekka 339 if you do 2 rekka)

More for Flash but still cool Rolento cr.mk xx rekka x3, mp+mk (kuma comes in) d+kkk, qcb+kk, d+kkk, mp,mp,hp (this is pretty tough) damage is 362 not really worth it for the extra ex… but whatever.

Random note you can frollicking bear from hunting stance, and you return to hunting stance when its done. same with the super…


after first bounce of megaton claw follow up, one can do :lk:-delay and :hp:+:hk:(launcher). Th launcher must be raw in other word not cancel into or magic series. If hit one will successfully tag with but no follow up potential.

it seems after grizzly claw :hp: one can do :hp:, Megaton claw :lp:, Fatal wind. IT seems to net a little bit more damage. going into Megaton Fatal wind from megaton claw :lp: is strict and will whiff if miss.


Post about frolicking bear got me thinking, and you can actually do all of kuma’s special moves during hunting stance, except for rock and roll circus. This includes the headbutt, the roll, and megaton claw.

frolickng bear in hunting stance gives kuma a little more time to use it as an anti air…there is some nice potential here.


I wasn’t aware of of the later but you sure one can do megaton claw? I have’nt had success in doing it in hunting stance. But one peotianional of being able to do frolicking bear in hunting stance is making a SAFE meter build tactic. While kuma loses ability to guard, he gain absurd of amount of defensive option to exploit opponent who don’t approach with caution.


I’m a big fan of Wild Swing (s.HP s.MP s.HP) in general. I like that it moves you forward, it has a decent box on it, and of course, the combo potential.


Yeah I was saying before that it’s cool how his target combos keep going even if you don’t make contact, makes his ground game pretty hard to deal with


Now if his walk speed was better…



For tag in with Kuma I like to do f.lp->mp xx hcf lp, st.mp->cr.hk.

Ending with a sweep is so fancy. Landing the st.mp is really tricky, though. Anyone have something better or more fancy without meter?


What how does this work? everytime I do launch to bring in kuma and do f+lp, mp you can’t hit hcf+lp aftewards it just doesn’t juggle…


So a.HP > s.HP xx megaton H > Grizzly Smash > Double Wild Slap xx s.HK for a cool 463 damage. Kuma pretty hard hitting.

can you cancel the s.HK after double wild slap? if so i guess we could add even more damage to that. of course you could just launcher after that and bring in another character right?


nope. the juggle points are all gone by that point. launcher whiffs, and EX moves whiff (which you have to do due to you chaining MP into HK)

Shira’s combo is bothering me though, ive gotten the HCF+L to work by doing st.LP -> b+MP chain, but cant link any normals after it.