Mishimas MISHIMAS come out!


im seeking mishimas i use devil jin and kazuya. Which mishima do u main? whats your strongest combo? mines is 122 damage :slight_smile:


Angel and Devil Jin. They don’t do awesome damage just yet, but I’m getting there.


I will… occasionaly play Kazuya - as of T5/T6, I know his moves by heart. For TTT2, I play Angel and Jinpachi as they are pretty hype.
(I guess Jin and Lars count as well? Because they’re technically using a different fighting style but they are related by blood).
In terms of Mishima’s themselves however, I resort to playing Kazuya, Jinpachi, and Angel.


I’m a Tekken noob but here’s a few combos I found with Kazuya and Jinpachi :


DDF 2, 31, DF 12 (tag) DF 21, FFF 3
DF 2, 1, DF 12 (tag) DF 21, FFF 3
WR 2, 31, DF 12 (tag) DF 21, FFF 3


DF 2, DF 11, DF 31 (tag) B 24, UF 34
DF21, DF31 (tag) B24, UF 34

Probably low on damage and such but again, I’m new to Tekken. =] They all do ~80 Damage

[S]Might make a mini combo video tomorrow of them.[/S]



Decided to make the switch to Heihachi from Ogre. My two buddies use Kazyua and the other uses Jin so… it kinda works out lol.


Kazuya/Devil Jin are pretty much my mains.


I haven’t gotten it down yet but I stole one from TZ as DJin/Hei:
DJ ewgfx2 f,f+3,1~ff2 d/f+1+2 TA Hei ssr cd+4,4,1 DJ run f+3+4

When I get that down, I might go for this afterwards (at 3:40):


that’s not reliable, for whatever reason it is harder to preform that combo post ff31 than it was in BR. If you want max damage + style + reliable just do
EWGF uf 1+2…etc Though either of the combos will still do slightly more than EWGF x 2 HS, TA (HEI dash HS n 1) dash TGF hold up


Whats the trick to getting the ewgf down. Ive gotten it a few times but i can never get it consistently.


“EWGF notation: foward, neutral, down, down/forward+2. The 2 must be hit within 3 frames(true kaz players correct me if im wrong and im sure i am!) of when you press down/forward. You DO NOT imput forward, down, forward+2. the reason you are possibly getting EWGF from this notation is because you are sliding FROM down TO forward and you are actually sliding over the correct notation. this could also explain your lack of consistancy. kaz also has a 13 fram EWGF that has a shorter imput which in turn makes it faster…the proper notation for this EWGF is: forward, neutral, down/foward+2


You have to press d/f and 2 on about the same frame. Instead of trying to press those at the same time, which is more difficult than it sounds, I try to press down and 2 at the same time. Ever since I’ve been doing that, EWG/HF has been coming out more consistently.