Mismatched ranked matches ruining the game

I have 1500LP and have been only matched with 2000+ LP today and now have bumped down to 1200LP. I understand I’m not as good as someone with 2300+ LP so why do you keep matching me with them and making me lose 35LP per match…SO frustrating, i just want to play the game with people of similar skill…

I’m at 4000lp and i prefer playing against higher ranked people,
because when i lose to a silver i’m down 55-100lp.

Yeah same here. how do they determine how much you win or lose? At 1500 I’d lose 65 and 55 to guys in the 2500s, so it only took a few losses to drop to 1000 where I’m only winning 35 points against 1500s

While i dont generally care about how many points i lose or win since i just wanna learn the game i do think its a bit stupid that u would lose so many points against higher ranked players and gain so much less against people of lower rank

Yeah guess what? Sub gold you still suck. Hold it, get used to not grinding for points like Sf4, and get it in your goddamn scrub faggot heads that the difference between 1500 and 2000lp is just a few wins.

Holyy fucking shit, what did sf4 teach you bitch niggas?

I think what he’s trying to say is that the points system works more like the PP (player points) from SF4 and not like the BP (battle points).

Since the game is new; the players with the highest skill have wuickly advanced to Gold league and beyond. However, many players are still placing so the skill level throughout bronze and silver is varied.

However, if you seem to be stuck in bronze or silver then that might be where you belong at your current skill level.
Instead of complaining about where we are we should focus on elevating our game so we can #RiseUp

*This breakdown of the abovr post is coming from a player who was stuck between 900 - 1300 LP and is now stuck between 3100 - 3400 LP. *

They should just put in a git gud mode. Hit the X button on the mode and you git gudder

Mismatched ranked matches are awesome. I’ve bumped into a number of notable NY players in ranked even though they have like twice my LP. Got clowned a few times, had some decent matches, and got a win off one of them. If the OP got the matchmaking changed to how they want it, I would have missed all that fun.