Misogyny and Sanford Kelly

In a post-modern world, where misogyny has become equivalent to racism, a New York dinosaur perpetuates the myth of the second class women. This new york dinosaur (aka Sanford Kelly) demonstrates how misogyny is a central part of sexist prejudice and ideology and, as such, is an important basis for the oppression of females in male-dominated societies. Misogyny is manifested in many different ways, from jokes to pornography to violence, and now to MVC3. Here is the link [media=youtube]Dj37uVZphXE[/media]

Misogyny associated with gaming, especially fighting games, is nothing new man. I’m sure 90% of SRK probably has the same outlook when associating girls to COMPETITIVE games. I can’t name one girl that places high consistently on a major or even local tournament level, sorry.

While you have an interesting concept for your proposal, unfortunately there is nothing you can say that has not been already touched on by countless scholars. Unless, of course you really do feel there is something important everyone missed somewhere. I would suggest questioning the premises of your argument, and critically analyzing your example and its context within your framework. Please resubmit your revised outline next week.

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Ever think that the misogyny might be a reason for that? Just because it’s always been part of the scene, doesn’t mean that it should be. Personally, I’d want more girls playing fighting games- I’d even be happy if I went to a tourney and was as girly as Arcana.

More Girls= more sales= more games made. Why cut out half the population?

No? Girls aren’t good at these games because girls don’t play. And those that do play don’t have the competitive drive to play at a high level. Its simply at that. There was a female SSF4 tournament at EVO, so noones being cut out of the population here. If girls want to play then they can go to the store and pick up the game, nothing stopping them. I acknowledge that the OP is probably trolling, but throwing Sanford Kelly out as the scapegoat of a movement against women playing fighting games is pretty stupid when that outlook on female gaming has been around for quite some time now.

Women exist only to serve men.

proly a troll thread but i feel like speaking my mind about this so might as well get in before the lock

girls do suck at fighting games. we’ve all seen the 1 in a million girl who knows combos and can womp on some scrubby male players but beating scrubs doesnt really make you good. cant fault the guy for calling it like it is.

i do know/have known several girls who play fighting games competitively. they’re all cool, but they aren’t good. im not good either though so im right there with ya ladies :rofl::wink:

Women can vote, why do they need to play fighting games? Women just want everything don’t they.

I remember there was a girl who played on Keits team at a big tournament using Sent/Dorm/Doom. She wrecked Ricky Ortiz and I think Tokido, so she didn’t do bad at all.

Just an FYI.

My argument is correct. Perhaps, you do not understand the exclusionary force of the narrative of “western civilization.” Faced with the paradigm of “Western Civilization,” women consistently comes up short. Seen as second class citizens, Women acts in public opinion as the inverted mirror image of western men, namely, as a dystopic space. Contemporary women thus upsets the aseptic images of the West that the public has learned to cherish. A model denizen of the second class, Women are therefore safely classified today in the curriculum of MVC3 players as a non-Western other.

you can call society “post modern”, but the reality is that people that we live with currently haven’t detached themselves completely from traditional beliefs/values. i don’t think the vast majority of real women are upsetting these cherished images you’re referring too. they’re still getting paid less than guys in every industry. not saying that’s a great thing or whatever, i’m totally egalitarian etc., but just be real bro. why don’t you stop talking trash on sanford kelly and go play marvel or something. jeez.

and real talk, what’s up with the WBNA?

We still live in a world were male ego is still dominate,. Sport, videogames, and competition is still seen and propagandize as a male thing. Some had and still are try to make changes but sadly its still does little.

No real changed will happen till consciousness of the world changes. this thread with some of its post alone provides enough evidence that some simply are not ready for such a change.

It’s a troll thread.

in what way?

This is the only correct post in thread.

if a girl places third she’ll show the TO her titties to get the payout changed to 40/30/30

Women tend to be more emotional than men.
Men tend to be more rational than women.
That’s why we team up, we complement each other.

When Sanford says that women beating men in this game proves that the game is bad, he means that a girl can play the game and be emotional, and she can actually win even against a man thats trying to play rationally.
Of course there are women who are more rational, but the majority is usually emotion before reason.
That’s why women can be dangerous, if she feels pissed off, she will FEEL first and probably stab you instead of THINKING first and making sure she isn’t doing anything she might regret later.

Never does Sanford says that women are inferior to men in any way.
You’re the one putting misogyny in the table.

ask her to try that on CvS2…
Exactly… that’s Sanford’s point

you’re comparative framework is in effect misogynistic. You are arguing that women and men have innate traits, like women are emotional and men are rational. This innate argument will always fail. For example, Thomas Jefferson in Notes on Virgina suggested that African slaves were childlike. Jefferson, like you, have argue for innate traits such as Africans being childlike.

I never said that Women were NOT rational
I said that for them is usually emotion before reason while with us is the other way around.
We also have emotion but we aren’t as good as women at expressing them.
We usually think before feeling.

Women’s brains have many connections between their hemispheres while we only have one.
That’s why women are better at multitasking