Misogyny and Sanford Kelly

Insert joke about having arcades in the kitchen here

g i l t y

Yeah, so my girl can make me a sandwich while I play.

You know what always makes for great comedy? When people who aren’t smart try to convince other people who aren’t smart that they’re smarter than they really are.

you’re smart

Gllty from St. Louis, she lost to Tokido in a close one, and turned Ricky salty.


Gllty from St. Louis, she lost to Tokido in a close one, and turned Ricky salty. Hardly a scrub.


My sister can beat me in smash. Don’t underestimate girls!!

examples from mvc3 only support sanford’s argument :rofl:

well, there is always the waifu of kuroda iirc (could it be the wife of another top player, im not sure) who is a great 3s player and more than probable would beat the crap out of many top players of usa from what i heard

I think you’re thinking of MOV’s girlfriend? I remember the video of her playing at the SBO farewell party. I think her main game is VF too! I remember in 2009 VF had more girls qualified than any other game.

CASA is a good Elena player too. Pretty sure she’d wreck majority of us 3s players

hmmm, im not sure i remember that it was the wife, perhaps, the wife of mago
but yeah, there are a good number of female players that are good on the games that they play
hell, even on the arcade that i frequent there are a good amount of girls that play cvs2, 3s (to name some) at a good level of play

Thank you for proving the exact point Sanford made in that video.

So he’s calling Ricky Ortiz and Tokido scrubs?


this with ur av is too much~! :lol:

tHe madness startS @ 43:00

I think his premise is a bit off, but pointing out trends is not misogynistic, because trends do exist, and race is not sex.

Does she even play CvS2?

Sanford being a scrub, nothing else to see here folks.

women suck at fighting games, quit crying about it. this is fact. any woman can play fighting games and become #1, but none have won a major tournament to date. even in games that have existed for a long time such as chess, the women don’t hold a candle to men. there are plenty of female chess players, but at the top tournaments they lose to men (hell they even have separate chess tournaments for women, which makes no sense, if you believe women are equal). these are indisputable facts. women are free to challenge these facts by winning a tournament, but they haven’t.

OP is probably one of those pussified homos who bends over backwards for women, hoping that standing up for them will get him laid. lulz.

I think it’s pretty well known that if a female player is beating males, she has a dick. So right now, all evidence points to gilty having penis.