Misogyny and Sanford Kelly

yes it is deff mov’s girl
i was at that sbo after party and she was wrecking almost everyone
and yeah she plays vf as her main i lost alot of games to her at game inn sakura while mov was preparing for sbo 08

First off, Deism, postmodernism sucks. Find another philosophy. It’s possible to see the world in shades of grey but also quantify values of shades of grey.

Second off, JD, prove it. Most studies show that the reason why girls don’t play video games tend to be social, not biological, and when they do play, they fall in the same range of skill their male counterparts.

Stuff women can’t do:

  • play fighting games. No woman will ever win Evo.
  • play chess. No woman will ever become world champion.
  • compose symphonies. Name a major female composer. You can’t as there aren’t any.
  • conquer. You have never seen a woman in history go “You know what? I want to take over the Europe/Asia/the entire world.” and actually mount a full scale attempt to do it? No but random dudes seem to attempt it every hundred years or so.

Can’t and haven’t are two different things.

Oh god, I’m getting trolled.

There was a chinese lady who basically founded a dynasty back in (shit I don’t the word)…‘feudal’ China.

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What about revolting? The Chinese invaded Vietnam and got their ass handed in a revolt lead by a group of sisters at the time. China then later came marching in to only get revolted again lead by well a woman. I guess we had to use women the first time so we figured we only use one woman the second time.

Sorry Fishjie. We are just better. We don’t need men to do the job we just send the ladies! =)

Like BurningVigor said, no…

Listen to the video, he says that MvC3 is so easy that women are actually beating top players.

Then you said that this random chick on Keits’ team beat Ricky and Tokido.

Hence, MvC3 is girl-scrubby. Let’s see a girl do that in another game.

Women suck at games because they have other things that interest them more, and they spend their time doing that.

Surprise surprise - men who rather do other things than play games also suck.

It just so happens that more men like games, and so therefore more men get good at them. This isn’t exactly rocket science, and who gives a flying fuck about what Sanford or anyone says? It’s like bitching that more gay guys become fashion designers because straight guys don’t have the innate ability to make clothes.

I don’t know if MvC3 is scrubby or not, but any girl who wants to get really good and has comp and dedicates a lot of time can be just as good as any male. It’s just that there are very few girls who give a flying fuck about being the best at laying down a virtual beatdown.

Real talk right there (I read “games” as fighting games), but I do agree with Sanford that MvC3 is made for scrubs, the game is not good.

On a side note, I see your location, is CTF already open?

Women just game to hang out with a bunch of dudes for free. If they actually wanted to play to be better there wouldn’t need to be a separate tournament for women at EVO to make it fair.

The “GIRLS” who do better than the others, often turn out to be GUYS. See “Kayo Police”.

Anne Dudley.

Best post in thread.

Bear in mind that pretty much everybody is coming into this game fresh, so it’s easier for new players of any flavor/gender to represent well. There are/were some pretty good female MvC2 players (TacoChan springs to mind instantly), but most just don’t like dealing with gamer dude troglodytes and go do something more rewarding.

The prophecy of the gender politics thread has been fulfilled. Whats next, a feminist speech?

In any relevant field, the more pool of people in that field, the more “top” people there will be. Sports, Science, Acting, etc. In fighting games, the ratio of male to female players is huge, there simply aren’t enough female players in the pool to have a top female player. While there might be exceptional female players (mostly in Japan), they are just that, the exception. Fighting games are hard, but compared to other competitive fields like major Sports (Basketball, Baseball, Football, Boxing), they aren’t that hard. Talent pool plays a huge role in determining how many rise to the top; it is similar to a pyramid, the smaller the base, the smaller the pyramid, the larger the base, the larger the pyramid, and the higher it is to get to the top.

Lmao! Women aren’t good at video games because they’re supressed by men and expected to spend more time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, yada yada yada…

LOL @ people taking Sanford’s comments as anything other than him being pissed that his MvC2 skills aren’t automatically translating to MvC3.

Sanford’s comments were just plain out disrespectful, though I don’t think it’s worth going on a full out feminist flamewar. However, to ignore the broad streak of casual misogyny inside the fighting game community is fucking ridiculous too. It’s not Sanford’s fault. It’s the community’s fault. Just because women are socialized to steer away from the FG community doesn’t give us the right to act like a bunch of sexist pricks.

Plus, yeah, Sanford’s just butthurt that the bar is lower.

But the thing is, it’s not innate, and that’s the thing(same with gay fashionistas). It’s not the if, it’s the why, and a lot of people are saying the why is because inherently women care less about fighting games. There largely is nothing special about the XY pair that encodes for wanting to smack down. Some people say that it’s the piles of misogyny. It’s not, otherwise there wouldn’t be a large female fanbase for sports where the misogyny is even thicker and more prominent among the fans like football or NASCAR.

It’s socialization. Period. Still doesn’t give us just cause to be sexist dicks.

girls cant pee standing up. find videos to prove me wrong please

pics are good too

If anything I’d say the community is more guilty of coddling girls. Go to any offline tournament and have 2 completely fresh faces (1 guy and 1 girl) show up and see which one gets a more warm welcome. A thread on srk or a comment from a top player in some random vid is a poor indication of how male SF players really view female SF players. Yet some people are so anxious to be the white knights of the fighting game community they can’t recognize the difference between saying girls are bad at fighting games and saying girls cant be good at fighting games.

arcana 2 @ sbo 2009 had a girl in the finals fyi, she was owning niggas up with elsa