Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina TRIES to answer a question lol!



Once I finished laughing, I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh some more or feel sorry for her.


LMAO at the crowd still applauding

I agree, South Africa, the Iraq and the Asian countries need to give us our maps back. Also U.S. Americans are the best Americans, Canadian Americans can sit on it!

Man, my job blocks YouTube…:arazz:

This scares me… in many ways… She is pretty though : /.

Can’t even fathom a response actually.

Was worth a laugh I guess…

Wow…um strange question but the answer was many times stranger.

I look forward to seeing her on Dancing With The STAIRS

stealing that for my sig

Why ? Why America why?!!?

LMAO! Yeah, great answer. She has made us americans proud! :rofl: