Missed ability move set opportunity



Am I the only one disappointed that every Marvel vs fighter Spidey has been in he has never had the ability to stick to walls and nothing is ever done with his spider sense?

Even in his official description -
Abilities: in addition to sticking to walls and ceilings…
Ummmm hmmmm…

Strider can…
Felicia can…
Spidey… Not so much.

Continues to say:
His “spider-sense” allows him to sense when danger is present…
I feel Capcom could have used this as a defensive buff or speed buff similar to Wolverine’s Berserker Charge Hyper.

Love the character in and out of game…

Thanks for letting me vent :slight_smile:


Wall crawl would’ve been worked in theory… But I don’t think it would’ve worked in-game. Spidey’s gameplan is to always keep moving and while wall crawling would’ve definitely fit him, I think it would’ve countered that. I think his Wall jump is quite adequate. Last thing we need is extra moves that you can easily accidentally activate and ruin your combos in some instances (I’m looking at you Ryu)

And yeah, people have been asking for a Spider-Sense move for ages… But Capcom doesn’t seem to listen… =/


How about just a better wall jump, forward wall and backward wall? As of now he can only leap off the wall his back is facing.


Spider sense would’ve been perfect for a counter move that sets up for a juggle or otg. I can’t believe I never thought of that.



Wow, that makes sense… Nice


Speaking of Spidey’s moveset, this is pretty awesome! :smiley:



Was thinking it over- animation starts with a close up (kind of like Hsien-KO) Spidey’s eyes widen and the spider sense lightning bolts appear around his head, and the effect is like Joe or Amaterasu’s time slow…


Spidey could cling to walls in the old Marvel games. It sucks that he can’t do it in this game.

Then again, Wolverine used to have a healing hyper in COTA, the same game where Mags could summon metal debris to throw at you. Taskmaster can copy anyone’s moves, but only uses moves from 5 superheroes. Superskrull doesn’t ultilize Susan Storm’s abilities. Spencer have a gun in all his games. Shuma Gorath doesn’t teleport.

Spidey is not the only one.


For both versions of MVC3, I was disappointed to see marvel characters with a healing ability not have it help them in any way (Wolverine, X-23, Deadpool) give them something, hell, even the ability to recover red life faster…
Tsk tsk tsk

OHH and M.D.- Skrull does use Sue Storm move - he uses her invisible force field to block (bubble animation around Skrull) :slight_smile: