Missing a Fight Stick Connector. What to Do?



I’d been gone for a while abroad, and left my fight stick at home.

Now that I’m back, I can’t seem to find part of the connecting cable - it’s a Hori stick with a wired plug-in to the XBox 360. The part that’s missing is an end with one side USB, one side a circular attachment. I hope I’m making sense, but it’s what transforms the stick into an XBox controller.

Is there anywhere I can go to find a replacement, without getting a whole new stick? Would a retailer sell this or would I have to find one online?

THanks so much!


You might be able to find one in stores, if not you can definitely find one online.


Awesome, thanks, man. You think a standard Best Buy would work, or would I have to seek out a more focused video game store?


This is what you’re after:

You might be able to find it in stores (probably not retail, more like Gamestop).


Yes! That’s the one. Thanks, Lord British!