Missing Content From Online Store [solved]


Hi there, I’m really sorry if this subject was already discussed. It is not by any means an atempt to disturb the forum. I simply couldn’t find this info anywhere.

So, I play SFV both on my PC and on my PS4, my main is Cammy. In my PS4 account I just boutgh colors 11-15 for her Battle Costume. I really liked those colors, so I went to buy those again in my PC account. But when I logged in my PC account I just couldn’t find those colors on the store. They’re just not there! Are those colors console exclusive? Are those colors not available on the PC version? Or am I missing something here? Both my Cammys are around lv. 23.


Wait, I just went back to my PC game, and I noticed I cant find Abigail as well! Why my PC account is missing stuff on store??


Well, turns out I solved it by uninstalling the game from steam and deleating all the data and folders, then installing again. I feel kinda dumb now, lol. It’s a new PC so maybe it didn’t imported my old data very well. A clean instalation did the trick. Thank you anyway :slight_smile: