Missing Information



okay, so I’ve been playing sf4 for quite some time now and I’ve hit a plateau (around the 2kpp range if thats any indication of skill) but i feel that theres just some piece of information that I and the rest of the people that have plateaued are missing that would help to elevate our game.
For example, everyone starts out a scrub or whatever and the next step from theres is to learn like fundamentals i.e. THINKING, anti airing, why jumping is bad, footsies, bnb and punish combos. i feel like, at least in my experience (maybe because when i learned this stuff i had a group of people offering guidance on things i could do to get better) that either learning these things offer the greatest strides of improvement OR that the next step is kind of obscure and was wondering, if anyone could enlighten me (and in doing so on this forum the rest of the community that is struggling with the issue) on what exactly those next steps are? I feel that i have been at or around this level for an exceptionally long time and that i must be missing something and part of me feels as if what I’m missing is right under my nose, but if anyone would be able to shed some light on/ provide some sort of guideline on what people should do once they’ve gotten a feel for the game at this somewhat intermediary level, i (and I’m sure everyone else) would greatly appreciate it.

Also: my reason for posting this here and not in deferral discussion is due to me not knowing what the next steps were and if they were character specific or not, and being that juri is the character that i am working on currently, i figured that i might as well ask here.

And if anyone also would like to share what they learned to get past this level of play, and (if they can) how they learned it) i feel that might be of some help as well


Honestly these kind of questions are always hard if not impossible to answer if the person doesn’t provide replays (and I think I am guilty of that myself haha).
The only thing I figured out in this text is, that you’re plateauing but you don’t know exactly why. How can we know ?

I could give a generic answer on stuff which you could actually improve but if you want some specific advice on how you want to get past your current skill level I don’t think that anyone can give you the advice you need unless you show us some stuff we can work with or at least be more specific.

  • how do you handle the neutralgame ?
  • do people get a lot of jumpins / do they punish your stores/fireballs with jumpins ?
  • do you maximize your damage ?
  • can you confirm of a single cr.MK xx fireball release (into fadc cr.hp… or senpusha fadc cl.MP xx release etc.) ?
  • how often and why do you get hit ?
  • how good are you defensive skills (e.g. blocking, teching, escaping setups/ambiguous jumpins, making use of your defensive options like cl.MK, cr.MK, focus dash forward, armorcanceling, kasatushi etc.)
  • do you know how to bait people into pressing buttons so you can punish them (majs footsie handbook) ?
  • do you make use of your offensive options
  • do you jump a lot ?
  • do you adjust your frametraps and baits to your opponents techs, or do you just repeat the same blockstring into store over and over again.

If you upload replays, don’t just upload a few matches from ranked but rather play like 2-3 FT3’s against people who are much or slightly better than you or tournamentfootage of your losses.

Plateauing is different for every person since everyone struggles with different stuff. There is no generic answer that will open your eyes and fix all your problems.


In the back of my mind i kind of thought that it may be better to provide replays as well, but the checklist thing that you provided was DEFINITELY a GREAT start. I come home kind of late today, so i will probably upload some replays either today or tomorrow (if i can as i have a new computer and I’m not sure that my dazzle (lol so old) works with this yet) but seriously, thank you so far man, it was stuff like that, that i was looking for :smiley: