Missing pins on PS1/2 controller sockets?


There’s something odd that I’ve noticed on the controllers of some of my friends. They have old PS1 era controllers and certain early models (like near launch models) of their PS2 controllers that have a pin missing from the socket. Specifically, it’s ALWAYS the second pin from the right when looking directly into the port. Does anybody know what this pin is, what function it has, and why it’s the only pin to keep breaking? I have no clue and I’m starting to get a bit concerned since I’m hunting controllers for padhacking and I’m even seeing a few used controllers at Gamestop with this problem. Any help?:confused:


I don’t think think they are used for anything. I noticed this when I was looking at how to connect a PSX cable to the MC Cthulhu http://www.instructables.com/id/How_To_Install_a_Playstation_cable_onto_a_Multi_Co/


Don’t remind me. I bought a brand new PS2 controller thinking my original one was having analog/voltage problems because of the missing pin, but the new one had the same pin absent as well. So it has to be normal.

If you care, it turned out that the port was causing the problems. :bluu:


i23mix and Gaijinblaze, thanks for the replies. That’s really kind of lame though. Why would Sony bother having a pin that doesn’t function for anything? It’s a really crude and simplistic safeguard to prevent reverse engineering if anything. That pin seriously doesn’t do anything though? It doesn’t act as another ground, provide more voltage, or anything of the sort?

To Gaijinblaze: Seriously? You bought a brand new PS2 controller that had a missing pin on it? That’s whack!


Plenty of reasons to have an extra pin that does nothing. Some other peripherals may use that pin. Also, future expandability.


Light Guns.


Thirteen and Takahasi, you’ve got some really good points there. I forgot that the Xbox 1 uses that same idea with that extra sixth (I think?) pin on its controller port which you don’t actually need for the controller itself. Thanks for the replies guys, this is going to make my pad hunting SO much easier. Now if only I could find some Mad Catz Xbox LIVE Arcade Retro Sticks around, my life would be perfect. :sad:


Same here. I’m used to buying these now. I’d be happy paying $10 rather than $25 for a pad that’s easier to work with. Ah well.