Missing replays?


sorry i don’t know where to post this but my game stop recording replays after May 10, i don’t see any new replays even though i’ve been playing. Is there a limit to saved replays? coz i sure can’t find an option to delete them (not from favourite replays). I’m on PS4 and i usually search my own replays via fighter ID.

Thanks for the advise.


I have similar issues. I saved replays just fine until about two weeks ago. What happened was:

  • At the first sign of problems over two weeks ago, all of my previously saved replays were relabeled with a date of June 1906.
  • Newer replays I had saved after the problems started would either not show up at all at the top of the list, or eventually show up with a proper date of 2016.
  • Now, all replays show a date of June 1906. I have tried to save replays very recently, but I don’t know if they are getting saved. They may be getting saved, but they may be labeled June 1906 as well. I have a ton of old replays (at least over 100) to sort through.

It seems this problem is isolated, seeing that a very select few are reporting the problem publicly.


ok my older replays had the same exact year as well, 1906. It seems like you can still search for your most recent replays? i can’t search any new replays at all dated after 10 May. When you say “save” replay you mean adding them to your favourite list right?


Yes, I meant adding replays to my favorite list. I’ll check through all my replays and see if the replays I favorited yesterday are buried somewhere.


i figured a way to find my replays, go to your own fighter profile, there should be a tab that shows your latest matches, from there add those matches to your replay and it should magically fix the problem.


I had a simliar issue with replays but to get around it, i search for my own fighter profile and the newest ones can be saved from there