Missing the Short Cable of my TE S Stick

Earlier today, I somehow misplaced the short part of my TE S Arcade Stick at a little club get-together. In the event that nobody comes up and says they found it, what kind of cable should I look for as a replacement? Alternatively, is it possible that I could just use the same part from my old SE stick?

Breakaway Cable.
You can use from any Xbox 360 peripheral.

Thank you so much.

Would this be the right item before I buy it?

There is only one kind for Xbox 360.

Okay then, I’ll order it. If I order it now, I should get it by Saturday.


What will you do about your other Mad Catz?
Or what do when someone finds your missing Breakaway?

It’s never bad to have an extra, those things are lost so easy. Sneaky assholes.

Tape the ends together!

So funny. In one of my parts boxes I have a grocerybag half full of Madcatz 360 USB cables. I kept getting connection errors with those quick release cables so I never use them in my sticks.

My other Madcatz broke down. The joystick wouldn’t respond even after I put in an replacement joystick. So I had to get a new one. I may sell it to someone so they can use the mod parts.

And as Kros said, it’s never bad to have an extra.

Wow, I’m going to start collecting these too, now. I have 3 from padhacks, a 4716 staring dead at me, and I’m going to probably swap my SE’s cable for some extra length, too.