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I need help with Mission 5. I don’t know how to perform a combo using a jump cancel. Please help!
Combo: **

Crouching L

Crouching M

Crouching H

Air L

Air M

Air M

Air H

Air Tenshokyaku H


someone should give a better explanation, but… for now. Jump canceling would be I guess super jump canceling out of your normal


cr. L, cr M, cr H (press UP to cancel out) then do Air L, M, M, H DP motion.

I don’t get it consistently, and I basically mash the air part. But yeah… Thats the basic concept >.>


Hold :uf: as soon as cr.H connects and then do the rest of the combo.


I’m picking up chun ATM and the best way to do that combo is like said above hold up forward as soon as c.H hits. Make sure also to hit air L so it comes out like the instant chun goes into the air. Any later and the juggles becomes harder or impossible to time. Long as u remember to hit air L very early the rest of the juggle is easy just hit each button slowly then mash legs.


I always seem to get sbk when i try to go from c. H to j. L.


Thank you for all of your help! I will try it now :smiley: You guys are awesome.


You are going to slow when doing your ground series if that happens. Do the cr.L, cr.M, cr.H part faster. Don’t start the combo from a crouching position either. Just have Chun-Li stand straight up next to an opponent or jump in on them and start the combo.


I have a question. For the Air L, Air M, Air M, Air H part of the combo. Do you guys input up or up-forward for EACH part of the combo (as in pressing up low, then let go, then press up mid, and etc.) , or do you HOLD up or up-forward (the whole time) and then press L, M, M, and H in succession?


You can put the stick back in neutral once you’re airborne. You don’t have to hold it or input more jumps.

I’m having trouble with mission 6. I always end up above my opponent after the double jump and the rest can’t connect.


Thanks, I’ll try that. It seems like I can at least get the first air hit, now. The Air L, that is. It comes down to timing. You have to do it very very precisely after you finish your Crouching H, and jump, and Air L right away.

Considering how hard these missions are. Is it time well-spent in that you’re learning your character’s bread and butter, or is time better spent playing human opponents or in practice mode instead? What do you guys think?


Both combo practice and playing against humans is essential.

Without practice against human opponents, you won’t know when to do your combos, and you will not be comfortable performing your combos under pressure. You need practice against humans to learn how to move, where the openings are, and other such things.

Without combo practice, you won’t be able to do the combos in the first place.

I don’t think the missions are BnB’s, but if you can’t do the missions you don’t have the execution skill required to do her best combos anyways.


I ve actually done almost all the missions but I skipped mission 4 and I cannot get it. Its the kikoken~C combo and ive only done it about twice and both times i was so surprised I didnt get the DP in. I have done it so many times inputting the C at different times I just cannot get it consistently. If anyone can give me some clue on the timing be very happy.

edit I did it. but on like the 100th try my thumb hurts I still do not get the input for this move lol too bad it seems kind of useful with the crumple.


kikoanken is basically just HCF + CC

You don’t wait, you press C immediately after you press it the first time.


I can’t get Mission 4 either, for the life of me. The Kikoanken doesn’t come out, no matter how fast I double-tap heavy.


It’s a rhythm. It’s HCF + Tap Tap! In rapid succession.


I’ve done all of Chun’s except the last one, that instant air L is such a ***** and when I get that I’m having a hard time connecting st.L right after. Any tips?


the hardest part is timing the jumping L. Once you get that it’s not so bad. It’s kind of a weird timing.


I see. Does it all flow or is there a little break between the air combo and the st.L in the 3rd part before the hyper? Because I can’t land that part, Cap A always ends up landing on his feet and blocking. I gotta be doing something wrong in that part.


What every mission looks like:

Update on my mission 6 help request because I hate it when people say “nvm I got it” without posting what the problem was:
If you end up above your opponent during the triple jump air combo, it’s because you are hitting the opponent in the air to fast.
So instead of my old, failing method of:
Ground combo -> leap into air -> immediately attack while rising into the air
It worked properly when I did:
Ground combo -> leap into air -> wait until nearing peak of jump to start the aerial part of the combo


If you look at the combo thread, I kind of tried to illustrate how to do Chun’s Mission 10 combo (which is part of her BnB). You can either let it all flow with a brief pause in the air or take a break between each aerial hit. There is no delay between j.S and the first jab.

There’s 2 ways to do it:

Jump Cancel the crouching heavy and proceed to use j.L, j.M, j.M, j.H as fast as possible…and then delay the j.S as long as you possibly can then tap L as soon as you hit the floor and continue the combo.

The other way, the way I do it is:

Jump Cancel the crouching heavy and proceed to use j.L, J.M as fast as possible. After that, delay the next j.M. Then delay the j.H. Then delay the j.S. Then tap L as you hit the ground.

The key with Chun-Li’s combos seems to be to go SLOW. For a character who hits so many times in a combo, it seems to just go against your natural instincts but I find that the slower I go and the more emphasis I put on each hit, the easier it becomes for me. I go slower on the jump canceled loops and I only do the bare bones minimum amount of hits for Lightning Legs in my combos (for scaling purposes and the ease of which I can cancel/jump out of them).