Mission Mode - Dont hate us


I see (or rather dont see) that there isn’t a mission mode thread.
I know some people hate on the single player modes but I have a soft spot in my heart for this crap since SF EX 1 on psx.
As someone whos done all the SF EX challenges, even on the PSP, and SF4 vanilla and super, I find these ones rough.
I have yet to go through each character yet but so far I haven’t come across any I can just nail all 10 in a few minutes. Theres always something like they float away too much, air combo part they are too high so I cant land it, etc.

Anyone nail em all yet or have any tips? There youtube videos up for specific chars yet?
Dont hate, I’m not an 09,10 or 11!


Well, this is classic for games with magic series and jumpcancels since it’s not just a link you need to get right to clear it. Back when I used to play Blazblue I had the same problems when it came to some trials in that game, and some of the #8-10 gave me a real headache. But it just comes down to timing usually, letting them fall a bit further down or something like that, visual cues are more important then relying on just muscle memory.

But when you get em right… feels good man~


This. so true. I cant wait for this game to drop, mission mode is probably the first thing im gonna do to figure out who I like playing with


Characters do more damage not using the Mission Mode combos. At the least though, it does give you a feel for the input system, which I guess is better than sending new players straight into training mode.