Mission mode with partner crossover assist



how do i do x23s partner assist within her mission mode combos. and do they generally work the same way for all the other mission mode combos in the game with partner assist involved. im having trouble getting those character assist to work and any help would be much appreciated. oh by the way.


Here’s a video: [media=youtube]k-aTsXFZoxQ[/media]

For one, don’t try it in the corner, the timing is harder there. I found it easier to do when I made an angled :uf: jump out of the launcher. Hit the assist after you land and before you start the ankle slash. The timing is tight, just keep practicing.

Also, these missions that are just focused on one particular assist really bug me. I hate Magneto.


The corner doesn’t matter, guys. It’s pressing P2 while inputting the directions for ankle slicer that’s the challenge.

Anyway, I came here because I’m hearing a lot of people cry about Sentinel. X-23 is his worst nightmare. He can’t “spit” on her when she’s crouched, her dash is fast enough to punish any blocked normal attack or special punch, and weapon x prime punishes his sentinel force hyper. If you’re having trouble getting him to attack first just double tap the wavedash button to move in and out quickly. Anyway that’s what works for me. I love mashing on Sentinel.


x-23’s c.M beats sentinel’s armor. Also good on hulk I might add. Also good on people who like to mash+wiff c.Ls that hit low (like Ryu’s… NOT Dante’s).

Oh, and i hate that mission. I pulled it off twice without really understanding how. I was mid-screen both times.


Anybody else having trouble calling an assist and still OTG with ankle slice after an air combo?

This mission is killing me as well and in general I can’t seem to consistently call assists while doing her BnB. Do you guys mash on the assist while performing ankle slice, hit it just once, or any other tactic?


Well, looks like things have changed for me.

I’ve always had Ammy in my X-23 team with the Cold Star assist and it wasn’t until recently that I decided to practice doing it with Ankle Slice after an air combo (and now even air throws in the corner). Eventually I got the hang of it. Then i went back to X-23’s mission 8 and it all makes sense now lol. It’s difficult to make sense of until it finally makes sense on how to do it, so here it is.

Basically, the key to doing this mission is to a) get used to calling the assist as soon as you can after you land and b) immediately after you press the assist button, go into ankle slice. After an air combo, there is a small but plentiful window of time to call an assist before going into a fully charged ankle slice, so no don’t mash it.

Once you start to get it down and you drop it, the worst case scenario is that you’ll probably call the assist too early but get the ankle slice off in time to maybe go into Rage Trigger instead of Weapon X Prime (unless you’re going against Sentinel or She-Hulk where you don’t need an assist to connect WXP after an OTG ankle slice - but I believe that’s in the corner only). If you’re not hit confirming ankle slice and going straight into wxp or rage trigger after missing the ankle slice, then you might be in trouble if your hyper is still going if/while your assist is still out (no DHCing - you can only stop it by going into X-factor… and you probably don’t want to put yourself in that position.) There’s plenty of time to confirm Ankle Slice unless you’re playing in a lot of lag, but once you get it down, you should know ahead of time if your Ankle Slice was too late.

The key here is to just get used to calling the assist as soon as you can after landing and quickly going into ankle slice after that button press. If you have an assist on your team that can make this work for X-23, use this combo. Even if you don’t have a character to take full advantage of the DHC glitch, two of these bnb combos will kill most of the cast (unless you’re doing mirage feint combos, then it should). The best thing about it is that it’s a great combo to end with her level 3 Derp Nap instead of her level 1s (if you desire). So practice getting mission 8 down!


I hold down after the talon dive in air, then as soon as the “flash” from talon dive is gone, I press assist while starting the quarter circle forward motion. It usually ends up looking like this if I have input on:

:qcf::l: (talon dive finisher in air) :d::a1::df::f::m:





(With a show of hands) Mission 8: 0:50-0:56


I definitely found it easier midscreen rather than in the corner.


I also found this to be very helpful.


^ Me too. Thanks for the help!


Maybe you already know this but I will add it anyway.

For some weird reason the game register assist calls when you release the button not when you press it, it’s actually hard to make any use of this in a real match because if you hold the button the game will swap your characters as soon as you touch the floor, except in mission mode, when you cannot switch characters.

To make mission 8 easier, just hold magneto assist button and release it just before marking the ankle slice, looks like nothing but this small window of advantage actually makes the combo easier.

I couldn’t complete it in the corner either, I had to do it in middle screen.



I went back and did it last night, works fine in the corner, it’s just really tight timing. I’m so much better at it now than I was back then during week 1 lol


This mission sort of returns in UMvC3. Mission 9 ends with the same setup: air talon dive L, then ankle slice OTG into hyper grab assist into weapon X prime. I can do everything up until this part of the combo, and it is labeled as “corner only” so the “works easier from midscreen” advice doesn’t really help me. I can’t figure out how to call the assist late enough so that hyper grab hits AFTER ankle slice. AS always seems to take priority so Wesker hits the ground before WXP can hit.

The full combo is:

Decapitating Slice (command throw) , :h:, Mirage H, j.:m:, j.:h:, land on ground, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Talon Dive L, land on ground, :m:, :h:, :s:, j.:h:, :d::h:, Talon Dive L, land on ground, :a2: (Magneto’s Hyper Grab), Ankle Slice M OTG, Weapon X Prime


It’s much more forgiving in this game too.


What is?


The timing on the OTG + assist


You need to share your secret with me; I’m tearing my hair out over what the timing, distance, and correct order of button presses needs to be for that to connect properly.

I can get it to work when I’m about mid-screen instead of right up against the corner, but the way Mission 9 works requires you to end up in the corner that way.


Just like I said above for Vanilla - just don’t know what else to say. :eek: